Community Contest – Design a Snoo for r/FortniteBR

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Community Contest - Design a Snoo for r/FortniteBR

Welcome to our first Community Contest! Community Contests are a way for the sub to give back to the users. We are using the community funds from tipping and the Community Jar. We have the next event already planned for some in-game fun so watch out for another announcement soon!

What's a Snoo: The reddit alien mascot, found all over the website.

Description: Create a reddit Snoo that will be added to the top bar of the subreddit,
BBT14KT - Community Contest - Design a Snoo for r/FortniteBRpicture for reference.

Other examples can be found here:

The prize: The winner will receive a custom badge on the subreddit, $50 from the community pool/jar Reddit platinum and Reddit gold for the 9 runner ups.

How long will the contest run?:

Phase 1: The contest will run for 1 week, ending on 05/07/2019 @ 12:00pm EST. The thread will be run in Contest Mode, so submit your entries as comments.

  • Please upvote the entries you like and would love to see on the subreddit banner.
  • Please scroll as far down as you can so that you see every entry.
  • Please keep parent level comments to entries, other off-topic comments will be removed.
  • Any questions can be asked on the stickied comment.

Phase 2: The moderators will pick the top 10 and put them together in a collage. The moderators will then post another thread with 1-10 comments, the community upvotes/downvotes the comments based on the corresponding numbers to the collage. The post will be locked. There will be a link to a discussion thread too!


Reddit Snoo Template


Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone who has a reddit account can submit for this contest!

Q: How long do I have to create my Snoo entry?

A: You have a week from today, ending on 05/07/2019 @ 12:00pm EST.

Q: How long do I submit my Snoo entry?

A: Post here as a comment with a link to your entry. The entry should be in a digital format and common file format (jpg, png, etc.).

Q: How many submissions are allowed?

A: Two submissions are allowed, please separate them in two different parent comments.

Q: How will the winner receive the $50?

A: The winner will receive in the form of a giftcard of their choosing that can be bought online!

Q: How will I be credited?

A: Credit will be given in a future announcement.

Any frequently asked questions will be added to the FAQ.

This contest has an element of moderator discretion. We have every intention of allowing the community to vote for their snoo, but will step in if snoos contain hateful imagery, NSFW content, or break Reddit sitewide rules. Low quality, copy-and-paste type snoos may also be rejected due to our standards for subreddit design. Give it your absolute best shot.

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