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So, it’s obvious at this point that the few remaining developers can’t make the game new again. Not without a ton of help and time. That’s where this little idea comes in. It might go very right, or horribly wrong:

I’m talking about letting the community steer the ship and make their own new content with minimal help from developers.

POINT 1: voting for new stuff

So, it’s obvious that only the very top players or most dedicated do make it to twine peaks and beat every storm shield, get all the mythic weapons and get a high collection book level. Those are usually the players you can trust the most right now, so it should be left up to them, the people who understand the game more than most, to decide on what content should make it into the game. A random assortment of players who have a collection book level above 175, power level of 125+ and beaten every storm shields defence, not counting endurance should be given a selection of 20 community creations in game to play test, as well voting options for how to obtain them/ play them, such as storm shield progression, quests, store, llamas, missions and more.

POINT 2: creating content

Enough talk about deciding what new content to add as official update material, let’s talk about actually making new content. This is where the developers could help out with this by adding a terrain editor, hero editor, squad bonus maker, monster creator and item editor. With these tools, players can create new locations and maps, new playable heroes with unique abilities, special squad perks that change how you play, unseen husks that the storm is sure to throw your way and, of course, new and powerful items that can explode said new husks in 1002 different ways

POINT 3: publishing and relation to point 1


Once you’re happy with your creation, you can publish it to a place where everyone can see and play with/ on your creation, as to test it in all scenarios and suggest improvements. After play testing, the community can nominate the creation to be reviewed by the devs. At certain intervals, the dev team picks out the top 20 that have been nominated, filtering out inappropriate stuff, of course. Those 20 are then given to players that fit the criteria outlined in point 1 for proof testing and the ever important decision of what they think is best to add. The devs have access to the submitted creations in file form, so all they have to do is copy-paste the files across to the next update download.

POINT 4: themes

With all this content, there will be chaos and confusion. So, every so often, the devs call on the community to make a specific type of content with the tools (like new maps/biomes or certain weapons or hero classes) or content with a focus on, say, Christmas, or explosions, or Christmas explosions.

POINT 5: in a nutshell

Consider that games like TF2 have a similar sort of thing for cosmetics, it’s not a stretch to say that it, along side other things, contributed to the game’s longevity. So imagine that, but on the scale of literally changing the META on the regular, adding more gameplay mechanics and more ways to play the game, with as little effort from epic as is possible. This is to ensure the community can’t argue with the updates being dumb (because they voted for it) and ensure STW has a place in the future of fortnite that isn’t just a demotion to a vbuck farm for founders only. It’s truly saddening to se a game with such promise in a state like this, so when the community asks for more content, they’ll get the content they want every time. The only thing that can’t be added by the community is new questline dialogue, but that’s where the STW team can help out a bit.

This idea is obviously very flawed, but I truly believe that the future of the game lies with the community and it’s “infinite wisdom” (hunger for new stuff).

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