Community Favourites (Round 2)

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. 2 months ago, I made a poll to gather feedback on what the community enjoys playing most in Fortnite and it was fairly well received with a total of 674 players participating. If you want to check out the results from that poll, feel free to click here. That said, the poll was far from perfect and many of you voiced several flaws with it which I had made adjustments to this time round including

  1. Poll duration being too short

    • I increased the window to 48 hours instead of 24 hours. I can't really leave it any longer than this because I can't plan my schedule too far in advance to generate the infographics at its closure
  2. Players had to fill every category, even those they don't play

    • This time round, most sections (especially when it comes to heroes/weapons) can be left blank so feel free to do so if you are unfamiliar with certain types
  3. There weren't any melee weapons

    • This has been included
  4. Too many questions

    • Reducing the number of questions would be a band-aid fix and instead cause our results to be more incomplete. As such, I instead split the poll into sections to make it easier for you guys. The "optional" settings should also contribute to making it "shorter"
  5. Missing stuff

    • Google forms tend to lag and I ended up skipping over a few options the last time round (even though they were added within an hour). This time, I double checked the list but do note it might still happen so just let me know in the comments and I will fix ASAP

I have also included, for the heroes sections, the various heroes under each subclass to help you better your choices. I hope all these changes would help your overall experience with the poll and I would love to hear any feedbacks in the comments. If you are ready, click the link below and jump in

Community Favourites (Poll)

Results will be posted 48 hours from this post

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