Community Update – March 2019

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Community Update - March 2019

Hey there Rescuers,

Patch 8.00 brought us a ton of new gameplay, customization and fun. The game is on a high right now, but there's always room for improvements! So here's a list of different suggestions brought by the community.

Feel free to add more; I will update it over time! Thanks for your constructive participation. Forgive my English, I'm francophone.


  • More Loadout slots – The Loadoud system is so much fun. But we could be even more creative if we had more room to play with builds! Having up to 20 slots would be great.
  • Loadout names – It would be easier to manage 20 slots if we could customize them; giving them names and categories.
  • Loadout selection – Being able to select our loadout from a "tile display" menu such as the armory and hero tab. Hovering over the loadout would give us a hint of it.
  • Skin customization – Let's have one more customization slot: Choose our own skin! Separate the commander perk from the hero we play itself. This way, we could show our true colors!
  • Commander perk should count for Team Perk requirements – *Steel Wool/Boom Base*


  • Interchangeable ability spot – With the 8.00 update, Phase Shift isn't always at the same spot. No problem! We just should be able to choose where to put it among the 3 spots.
  • Permission on BASE & ROSIE – Builders should be able to choose to share or not their mats with the Recycling perk, and also their seat on ROSIE.
  • Piercing ROSIE – Give ROSIE some love! Right now she can't do anything against Riot husk and Shielders… that wouldn't be too OP if she could.


  • Buffs cooldown/activation timer/indicator – Have you ever played TEDD Shot Jess and wondered how many kills you were at? We need to see this! Also, show us how many seconds is left on our Warcry, etc. Particularly relevant with the new "Present…Arms!" Perk.
  • Element and storm rotation indicator
  • Search function in menus – You don't remember if you had a Hacksaw and you can't find it? Just type it in the search bar.
  • Ranged weapon type classification – Sort weapons by type (Pistol, AR, Sniper, etc)


  • Play with others: SSD – Choosing what missions types to play when selecting "Play with others"
  • More mission choice – If I want to get Leg Perk-up, but I need to do my mission in a city, I should be able to find it!
  • New missions – Suggest new missions, even if it's now the best idea. We need some freshness!
  • Mission cooldown display – I wanna know how many 4PL left I have without needing to go to SS1. Also, how about raising it up a bit?


  • Picking up Propane – Pressing "E" on propane to pick them up and throw them at enemies. This way, we could free up our tunnels and lower the cances to blow them up.
  • Impact bar – Having a second stat bar under the health bar of all husk so we could know how impact work (primarly), and how many hit it needs before it get knocked down.
  • New husk type – Beta husk?


  • Emotes/Dances – For you, BR players.
  • Endgame content – Make the game more difficult, and adapt it to each player strength!
  • Clarification on Team Perks unlock requirement

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