Community Update – May 2019

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Community Update - May 2019

Hey there Rescuers,

Once again, here's a rundown of different constructive suggestions coming from the community.This post is a a follow-up to March edition and took several ideas of u/penguinzomby's own later work.

Feel free to add more; I'm updating it over time!


The new Loadout system is so much fun. But work could still be done to achieve something even greater!

  • MORE LOADOUT SLOTS – Give us more space for creative customization!
  • Loadout name and a scroll bar to quickly select your Loadout
  • Skin customization – Separate the commander perk from the commander's look
  • Commander perk should count for Team Perk requirements
  • You can choose any hero's lower level outfit once you bring it to 5-star


  • Buffs cooldown/activation timer/indicator
  • Ability cooldown indicator – We want to see the cooldown on our turret even if we still have 1 left to use
  • Element and storm rotation permanent indicator – Same indicator as the 4PL modifier's one
  • More button customization for quick access
  • Bring back the old chat! – New chat makes it impossible to see more than 1 or 2 message at a time, and it's much more cluttered than the old one
  • More columns added in the weapon/trap tabs to ease the crafting process during game
  • Teammates appear as different colors in the minimap
  • Adjust the equivalent PL – Should be higher than 140!


  • Display Hero's perk on expedition
  • Search function for schematic/heroes/survivor
  • Ranged weapon type classification – Sort weapons by type (Pistol, AR, Sniper, etc)
  • Display weapons of our choice on the armory wall
  • One-click get out of mission – Once a mission is over, it should be way easier/quicker to get back to the main menu. Rewards could also be displayed all at once ("Reveal all" button)
  • Switching from Obsidian to Shadowshard – Maybe at the cost of a bunch of shadowshard, Re-Perk and Weapon manuals

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  • Interchangeable ability spot
  • Permission on BASE & ROSIE
  • ROSIE's revamp (Buff) – Piercing (through shield), no heating, cooldown starts on deployment, etc.
  • Constructors have a build and upgrade reduced cost


  • New missions – Suggest new missions, even if it's now the best idea. We like new stuff!!
  • Have access to all storm shield's map once you succeeded SSD 10
  • No more rare/epic schematic reward in Twine
  • RAID AND BOSS <3 <3 <3


  • Picking up Propane – Pressing "E" on propane to pick them up and throw them at enemies. This way, we could free up our tunnels and lower the chances to blow them up
  • New husk types – Beta husk?
  • Weapon Loadouts
  • Auto pick-up selection – Having the choice to not auto pick-up all mats that are 3-stars and less, or specific type of ressources such as gizmos
  • Crouch
  • Quick-chat option such as "Storm Chest on me", "On my way", "MiniBoss" etc.
  • Building through terrain
  • Vote-kick option
  • Retrieve The Data building zone is now removed – The balloon act like the "Drone crash", which destroy everything underneath it when it falls on the ground
  • Shockwave should knockdown Riot Huskies


  • Emotes/Dances
  • Endgame content – It's on a good way, but not there yet!
  • Clarification on team perks unlock requirement
  • Any way to know how much time we spent on the game – Maybe it's not a good idea…

Wild suggestions

  • Craft Planks from wood, Powder from brick and N&B from metal

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