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What is Fortnite: Discover the Farlands?

In this mode, you're transported into a world of new variety. New missions, new zones, new biomes, new husks, all of it. Discover the Farlands alone or with friends by inviting up to 3 other people to discover your own personal farland.

When you first load into Discover the Farlands, you'll be prompted 2 things:

  • Start a guild or join a guild.
  • Invite players to your guild, or go in alone.

You'll be loaded into a whole world of Fortnite. With you will be 16 other guilds, competing to discover the farlands. Each guild can control a certain zone by killing all husk encampments, building a base and starting a storm shield that can be expanded.


When you first start a guild, you'll be allowed to use any Battle Royale, StW or any other banner in the game for your guild. This banner will be represented on the map of the farlands, will be used by other guildmates and be shown as a sign of your strength.

Guilds go up to a maximum of 4 players, including yourself. The guild leader is in charge of making most of the decision making inside of the guild. Each player of the guild has a role.

  • Leader, command the guild.
  • Gatherer, collect resources for the guild.
  • Hunter, go into the storm and hunt for hidden treasures.
  • Defender, defend the storm shield from attacking guilds or husks.

Guild battles, will start when a guild is trying to take the same zone as a different guild. This will also occur if a guild is trying to take zone from a guild. Guild battles are 4v4's against all guildmates. When a guildmate is killed, he must sit out until the battle is over. Each team must protect themselves and use all the firepower they have. During the guild battles, supply drop will be sent in carrying ammo, healing items and occasionally strong weapons to support the team.

Guild alliances, can be formed when a guild chooses to be an ally with another guild. When allied with a different guild, you can trade materials or guns and send support when a guild battle is happening.



The piercer husk launches sharp, accurate spears to a player that deals more than enough damage to take ones shield off. Whilst they do lots of damage, they take a long time to prepare that strong arm again so kill them whilst their preparing!

The medic husk brings a new type of battle to Fortnite. The medic husk protects and heals all husks in her vicinity, however, is very weak and cannot attack the player.


The cave zone brings an amazing place to farm resources for your guild. This is a hot zone for guilds so protect it well to get your resources nice and fresh.

The jungle zone brings lots of materials and hidden treasures, send hunters here for a chance for good loot!

GAMEPLAYGameplay heavily is consistent and will always keep players on their toes.

The map is massive, and all 16 guilds have to be prepared for a battle from the husks and other guilds. You always want your guildmates to use the right heroes, such as using a soldier in a guild battle and not a constructor.

When your entire guild leaves your map, your guild cannot be attacked, however, zones can still be obtained by your other guildmates if you're not online. If you're not there for a guild fight, you won't be penalized, unless, of course, you lose the fight and lose the zone.

Your map is active 24/6. There is a day of no activity in order to prevent over playing and planning for guilds. You can join in and harvest whenever you want with no restrictions.


When playing, multiple events can happen. These include:

  • Spaceship crash, carrying good loot.
  • Storm Shield weakened, all guildmates should stay and protect the shield from husks.
  • Supply ship landing at unclaimed zone, carrying very good loot.


No, guns and materials will not carry over to the campaign mode, however, you keep your schematics.


You will be put against players with similar power levels.


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