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The Perk Recombobulator was a great start to forging end-game weapons. But this should just be the first step in the perk system, because, right now, there are "optimized perk loadouts" for each weapon, which makes them lose their unique flavor.

Here, I suggest Epic adds Mythic Weapon Perks They could be acquired as a transform key and you could get one random one once you use the key. Once acquired you would be able to modify any gun with said perk (at a STEEP cost, like 100 Legendary flux or something per gun). They would be considered Level 30 perks and, as such, would be unlocked on modified weapons once they are upgraded to said level. Once modified, the weapon would turn "mythic gold" when dropped or in your inventory.

Here are some initial suggestions.

Eternal elements (PermaFrost/EternalFlame/VoidSpark) Counts as a second element. This one is self explanatory, but it seems like the obvious first step for mythic weapons. Always be prepared. Deal 100% damage to two element types (depending on the combo) and 33% to the third.


Plasma Energy Upgrade Only applies to weapons with the Energy Damage perk. This weapon deals 100% damage to all elemental types, increase critical rating by 20 to non-elemental husks. Ammo consumption increases by 66% Here we give some love to energy weapons, making them viable end-game, at a cost of extra ammo.

Vindertech Sharpened Chamber Only applies to physical, ranged weapons. Weapon type changed to Sword/Scythe/Axe/Spear (your choice). Damage dealt with this weapon is considered edged. Here's a way to take an average physical weapon and do some really neat combo stuff with Ninjas.

Vindertech Pressurized Tank Only applies to physical, ranged weapons. Weapon type is changed to Club/Hardware (your choice). Damage dealt with this weapon is considered Blunt. And here's some love for Constructors.

I had a few more ideas, I may add more to this later. Honestly, what else would work well in this category? This is where Epic/we can get creative in truly changing our weapons FOR our heroes/play style.

Obviously HOW they are acquired doesn't really matter, and my system is RNG and bad, I just wanted something in there initially.

Let me know what you think!

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