[Concept] This Game NEEDS a Raid! TL;DR at the Bottom.

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This Game NEEDS a Raid very badly. After a while this game gets boring, doing the same things over and over again so while trying to fall asleep my brain made up a raid concept to spice things up a bit. I hope you like it.

"The Child of the Storm" (PL 70+ ONLY)

Raid Start – You will be put into a purple storm themed lobby area where you can select the difficulty of the raid, kind of like when you enter Horde Bash, after you select the difficulty of the raid a rift will open up allowing you to step through bringing to to the first puzzle (Rift animation similar to BR's rifts but purple).


On entrance to this puzzle room (after stepping in the rift) there will be nothing in the room, just a hallway, then you will hear a voice line from Ray

Ray – Commander! Commander! Where are you and why does it sound so… windy?

*Distant Roar*

R – What was that? Where are you, and why haven't we given you a microphone!

*Roar Gets Closer"

R – LOCKE!! Get the video feed up!

Locke – *Panicked Trumpet Noises and rapid button clicking*

*Roar is even closer and the screen starts to shake*

R – Alright commander we got the video feed up, whats happe–

*A giant monster dragon breaks through the hallway opening up all sides allowing you to see the purple abyss that you are in*

L – *One held trumpet note*

R – Wh- Wh- Wha? *Ray faints*

L – *Confused/Panicked Trumpet noise*

Puzzle 1 – After the dragon appears and breaks the hallway your first puzzle is simply to build a bridge. However everything you build will start to corrode, wood will break in 3 seconds, brick will break in 5 seconds, metal will break in 10 seconds. Using B.A.S.E will negate corrosion. Puzzle 1 Solution – Either have a constructor on the team, or build metal floors 1 by 1 then bounce pad across

After completing the first puzzle there will be 3 paths, the left one will be open, but the middle and right ones will be locked.

Dennis – Ray… I got the nuts and bolts you wanted… Ray?

Locke – *Panicked Trumpet*

D – wooaahhh

Walking further down the path will trigger another voiceline


D – Dude, this is just like

R – Uh, what?

D – You wouldn't get it

Going into the different puzzle rooms will trigger different voice lines giving different tips to complete the puzzles

Puzzles 2&3 are still to be decided so if you have ideas you can put em in the comments and ill credit you


When you enter the bossfight you are greeted with this colossal beast of a mist monster.

  • Boss has a total health of 10,000,000
  • Physical damage is 66% reduced, Elemental weapons are 33% reduced, Energy weapons are 0% reduced (they deal full damage)

Stage 1 – The first stage of the bossfight is just 3 attacks randomized

  1. Swipe (most common attack) – Uses a giant hand to hit everyone in front of it and break buildings dealing 5% base health, placing a wall to block will reduce the following damage: wood 20% reduced damage, stone 40% reduced damage, metal 60% reduced damage.
  2. Fire Breath – Someone that is in sight of the boss gets targeted, once the boss has acquired its target it will breathe fire on them and anyone around them dealing 10% base health for 10 seconds, placing a wall to block will reduce the following damage: wood will burn up and do nothing, brick will block the flames for 2 seconds then break, metal will block the flames for 5 seconds then break. In this attack the boss also brings its head closer allowing you to deal get headshots on the boss
  3. Grab – Someone that is in line of sight of the boss gets targeted, once the boss has acquired its target it will grab them doing 5% base health for 15 seconds, staggering the boss will force it to let go. You cannot block this attack, however this gives the opportunity for the person that is grabbed to deal increase damage as damage to the hands of the boss will do 150% more damage.

Stage 2 – Once the boss is at or below 6,000,000 health the second stage will begin

  • All of the 3 base attacks are there, however all damage done by the boss is increased by 5% (Swipe will do 10% base heath instead of 5%)
  • 3 New attacks will be added
  1. Wing Beat – The boss will beat its wings for 10 seconds dealing no damage but will constantly blow you and your squad away, place walls behind you to prevent being blown away.
  2. Army Summon (happens everytime it gets staggered) – The boss will roar summoning 30 normal husks, 15 small husks, 25 husky husks, 3 super shielders, 9 normal shielders, 4 blasters, and 1 mini boss smasher (can have everything except trap-vuln)
  3. Ground slam – Uses arms to slam the ground, anyone directly hit will die. Destroys all buildings on the field and temporarily slows you. 50% chance that the bosses arms will get stuck allowing you to deal increased damage.

Stage 3 – Once the boss it at or below 2,000,000 health the third and last stage will begin

  • All of stage 1&2 attacks are there, however all damage done by the boss is increased by 5% (Swipe will do 15% base health insead of 10%) this way the raid boss is more building oriented and you will have to reduce damage to not die.
  • New crit spots open, however they need building to get to.


  1. Normal – 1 Random Legendary Schematic, 2 Legendary Survivors, 500 Tickets (maybe some raid weapons?)
  2. Hard (Energy weapons have 10% reduction and the damage reduction from blocking attacks is reduced) – Your choice of legendary schematic, 1 Random Legendary Schematic, 3 Legendary Survivors, 750 Tickets
  3. Prestige (Blocking attacks is extremely reduced and the amount of husks spawned from "Army Summon is doubled") – 1 IKEA llama, 3 Random Legendary Schematics, 1 Legendary Trap Schematic, 1 Legendary Ranged Weapon Schematic, 1 Legendary Melee Schematic, 5 legendary survivors, 1 legendary survivor but you can pick your own personality and bonus.


This game has faint hints of Destiny 2 syndrome, in that, were running out of stuff to do. So I thought up of a raid concept for fortnite using building mechanics and other things. However, it still needs work.

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