Concern for the Asia server problem that is not acknowledged yet

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Concern for the Asia server problem that is not acknowledged yet

I have average 30 ping in STW and 50 ping in te other mode before the 7.0 update on Asia server. I live in Taiwan. After the 7.0 update, i get average 200 ping and 15 percent packet loss in both modes on Asia server. If I use a V.P.N. (I didnt knew it was against the rule) and connect to Asia Japan server with a Taiwan node, I get back my 30 to 50 ping.

It is not my internet as connecting to anything else is fine.

It is not always 200 ping after the update, occasionally I get 30 ping. If I group up with my friends in Taiwan in the other mode, we get the same ping together. So if one game I have the normal 50 ping, my friends will have their normal ping as well. If I'm having 200 ping, they will have the same high ping as well. What is strange is, only two of my friends have this problem. One of my friends have 40 to 50 ping no matter what the other three of us get.


If I connect to the US server, I get 170 ping with 0 packet loss. How am I getting better connection on a server further away?

I'm bringing this up because Fortnite is really not enjoyable for me right now. with the Frostnite event coming up, I really want to enjoy the game. I guess I'll flair this post under rant, but I'm not angry, I'm just worried. I'm worried Epic will just toss it as just problem with my own internet, but its not.

Is this a known issue? Is there an upcoming fix? Can I use V.P.N. in the meantime? Or do I just have to suffer through this connection?

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