Console StW is a mess atm

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Console StW is a mess atm

EDIT: as brought up below, this is only really apparent at higher levels. I mentioned this already in 2. but let's be clear: you will not experience the perfomance issues anywhere near as often (if at all) in the lower areas and even much of CV. This only becomes really apparent when there are more husks on screen. I can jump to lower levels and have a much, much better performance experience.


Two pretty huge main problems:

  1. And I'm sure this isn't exclusive to console, but it's true for both Xbone and ps4… bugs. The game is absolutely littered with them. Stuff like speaking to team after game preventing progress, opening expeditions freezing up game, cursor disappearing on main menu forcing a restart via console menu, etc… the game really needs a break from updates for a patch window and focus on squashing som of these incredibly frequent and frustrating bugs.
  2. There are far, far too many effects for the base consoles to handle reasonably with the amount of stuff happening on screen. Most apparent in Horde Bash where the game becomes a slide show as soon as the husks charge in later missions. Enemies teleport about the screen making it impossible to land any kind of shot let alone precision shots… sometimes there is nothing around you and suddenly you're circled by a dozen husks and you die in a second… things like this are far too frequent again. And even in standard games in later levels of CV and TP, add a few things together: elemental husks, exploding/healing deathburst, trap effects like flame grill, shield domes, etc… and the game becomes an FPS nightmare. Please, please, please can we have an option to turn these settings down a little? A performance and Quality mode selector would be really nice. Not expecting 60fps on base consoles, but the current state is really frustrating.
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Sometimes it gets so frustrating after a match I put the game down and move on to something else, bugs can pile up a few in a row and destroy all will to continue, and the performance issues are so frequent it makes playing most games really unpleasant. I know you need to produce content to keep people hooked, but the game is becoming less and less enticing for me the worse the performance aspects become.

I can't speak for PC players (although I have read of troubles of beefy machines not being able to maintain 60fps), but I'm sure I'm not alone.

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