Console: this game is broken!

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Console: this game is broken!

I like to say I try to be forgiving when it comes to epic games. I think they do a good job for the most part keeping their game updated but the lack of bug fixing has gone too far. Here’s my experience today. (TLDR at bottom)

I’m power level 54 in canny valley on a power level 52 mission. I only wanted to do some daily challenges and maybe or mission or two. I don’t have all day to play save the world only one or two missions and I have to get off.

Anyways I get on and it auto fills me into a repair the shelter map. Whatever, I hate these missions but I don’t feel like doing a reque just to get a different mission.

I collect some blue glow and go to turn the difficultly up one notch. But I open the machine and the difficulty is already turned to the MAX level. You cannot just do this to players when your MATCH MAKING IS BROKEN. I figured I would be fine tho, I would just spend some extra time making trap tunnels.

I go and find a see-bot, and find the missing parts but when I go to find the parts the bots are no where to be found. The bots spawned INSIDE THE GROUND. I wasted so much time trying to figure out where these bots went when oh no, the first timer is down and I have to get back for the wave.

After the first wave, I went back to do another see bot because the game is too broken to even spawn in the ones I already earned. I go to use going commando when OH NO, the ability freezes my character in place, and refuses to not only let me move, but also use any weapons I have equipped. I get killed, I lose the see-bot.


I have to go back and handle another wave. Go out and spend an extra 20 minutes just finding the dang seebots.

I finally get to the final wave and SUPERISE miniboss smasher. I go to pull out my AR and my gun just won’t load! I’m standing there with no gun and getting charged down by other mist monsters around me while the base gets charged.

My only chance to even live is to sit on the inside of the base and place walls wherever the 4 smashers just decide to run into. Long story short. I lost the mission and wasted 43 minutes of my life because of bugs and messed up matchmaking.

Epic. You’re a great company who made a great game. Don’t let this new found lack of care kill it off. Just needed to get that off. I feel better now.

NOTE:// I have a clipped saved of my game where my game goes NUTS. I will post it once Xbox saves it. I’m sure you’d love to see it.

TLDR:// Xbox is absolutely broken, pulling out a simple gun lags the game, and using abilities nearly crashes the darn thing. You can never find a single team mate in matches because matchmaking is broken and it still throws you into mutated storm matches just to get a chance of getting a mission done.

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