Constructive Feedback for “Beta Storm: Resupply”.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Constructive Feedback for "Beta Storm: Resupply".

Before anyone starts, I know "just go farm in private" is the best solution. But while the "Resupply" Beta Storm is active, I'd like it to be a mission that's actually worth doing. To do that, leaving feedback is important.

After some thought, I've put together a small constructive feedback post regarding the Beta Storm mission, "Resupply". It's a good idea on paper, but in practice, it's stressful and not worth the time and effort compared to farming privately. If we want there to be a mission dedicated to farming, it needs some adjustments so actual farming can be done.

1) Remove Arbitrary Objectives

  • The unnecessary mission objectives are a huge part of what makes Resupply stressful. Wasting precious minutes searching the outskirts of the map for mushrooms is frustrating enough. The storm closing in makes it worse. Add in having to destroy 15 vehicles, search 30 random things, and destroy 6 barrels is just too much, and leaves very little time for actually farming.

  • What can be done is remove the "search mushrooms" and "destroy barrels/vehicles" objectives, and instead turn it into "destroy 30-50-75 things". This still gives the player an objective, but not one that's completely arbitrary and a waste of time. The player can make better use of their time destroying things they actually need, such as Quartz or Shadowshard, mechanical objects for N&Bs, or trees for boards. A player will still have to work, but it'll be at a pace that suits the players farming needs.

  • Heck, even if 75 is too low, increase it to a high amount. Destroy 200 things? As long it's destroying something I choose to destroy, any amount is fine to work towards.

2) Remove OR Nerf the Storm

  • Again, the purpose of Resupply is to farm. But a player can't farm if they're constantly being pounded by the corrosive storm and husks. In addition to the "search mushrooms/destroy barrels" problem, it adds a small stressful flavor to the mission that isn't rewarding or challenging, just needlessly frustrating.

  • If outright removal makes things "too easy", then at least nerf the damage the storm does. In a PL100 Resupply mission, soloing as a ninja, it felt like the storm was doing ludicrous amounts of damage, even more than blaster spam. Given the frustrating arbitrary objectives mentioned above, dying to storm damage when trying to find that last mushroom or barrel is not rewarding at all.

3) Increase Reward Types

  • This can apply to any Beta Storm mission. Allow us to earn mission rewards besides XP. Even a small amount of Rain/Lightning would be far preferable than more useless XP that can't be used.

These are three bits of feedback I have for Beta Storm: Resupply. I hope it's constructive and helpful for Epic to consider. Resupply can be a useful farming mission, it just needs some adjustments.

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