Constructive Feedback for Save the World past level 100 missions and the roadblock that’s creating more blockage as time progresses.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Constructive Feedback for Save the World past level 100 missions and the roadblock that’s creating more blockage as time progresses.

Sorry u/Magyst about my last post, but I’m areally passionate player. I curse not for spite but love to show that there’s so much potential that you guys have that gets wasted away.

I get on early to test patches and hopefully add to the conversation and relay to masses my opinion on what’s going on.

So you requested something to take to devs about community upheaval, here it is:

  1. Twine Peaks feels cluttered, littered with missions with no semblance. What I mean is if you look up at the Too right corner where the Autumn Lake area is with 3 Lake pools, The NorthEast and South Lake are PL 76 missions, while the NorthWest is literally PL 128. It feels cumbersome to have such overlap.

Just like Plankerton where PL 34 and 40 missions overlap and your trying to fight the system to see which group area is where.

Also removing more lower level Twine for higher level Twine missions is a disservice to the late to end game community

Best solution is to have Twine go back to how it was. Then open up above the x4 100 man mission and show you the new PL missions. I also think 5 tiers is not worth it. Should be 108, 116, 124, 130. I have no idea why we have 126 and 128, what would a 2 level Power increase really add to the difficulty phase.

Enemies are also scaled up way to high for no reason, why are basic 128 Husks 140?. This is regular missions, this isn’t x4 man where the increase is warranted.

  1. Scaling is really off. Survivors health and the objectives they stand on are really low. While Husks scales to absurd highs, no balance was given to bring up everything along side it. Same goes building mats and ores. Our pickaxes are still grounded in old Fortnite STW 8.40 not new 8.50.

Then we come to materials of 5* gained still being on the scale of PL 100 missions where now resources are more of a sink than an overflow.

  1. Rewards gained from missions just jumped like 0-25% in scale. For putting in time, resources, effort at newer difficulties, it doesn’t benefit those who want to play this end game content but give rewards that don’t really help them or others.

Earning 1,000,000 Survivor xp with another 200,000xp is almost pointless as a PL 128 mission. Most even doing those missions are looking for perk up, reperk, evolution materials.


Also those have to scale to fit the needs of players that can do a few missions and feel fulfilled. 100 x4 Rain Drops on average if it somehow triggered to be a Cat 4 could have you walk away with 300+, and the bonus reward for Mega alerts and extra 120. So just for it to scale up to the new zone PL, if same parameters, 420 should be the blue chest equivalent for a 128 and scale up to say 600-800 rain drops per run.

Then the investment of time, resources, effort, put in is worth it. Some will play just for the difficulty, that’s great, but majority want to always be upgrading and there’s way too many choke points to enjoy everything this game has to offer.

  1. World loot still gives blues and level 25 common traps. You make us Search everything but 75% the clutter is useless, this needs to be scaled to Zone and PL mission just like PWO Custom choosing. If I check a barrel in a 124 PL zone I should get the bare minimum PL of 100 till 124 as its max. Also rarity can be rounded up and if dismantled a little bit of mats returned.

  2. Storm Chests still pay out as level 100. Weapons full durability are still way too low level and mats mostly gained are Tier 4 status mostly, not Tier 5 as you stated. Also there’s no abundance or feeling of walking away with a treasure trove of ores or crystals per mission when the caves still hold 1 sunbeam or 2 bright ore deposits just like 100 missions.

  3. Players and Husks need to be balanced. As stated most end game players are 130-131, jumping up to 140, but again that was against 100 level enemies, up to 128+ with blu glo. Now if this the norm, we have to scale along side them.

Right now everything feels off, broken, nothing feels EndGame. I can jump in do bare minimum, get rewards with a little bump to certain rewards but more frustration while lower difficulties it was cruise control. Sure give us a speed bump, but not every 50 feet, sooner or later people veer off and find something more smooth that’s not so bumpy.

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