Constructive Feedback on the weekly rewards with a PL128 Weekly example

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Constructive Feedback on the weekly rewards with a PL128 Weekly example

With 9.0 we received the wargames, a new quest line (Part 1 of many I hope), a dedicated button to assist on SSD's and weekly missions also made their introduction on our mode.

The latter, however, seems interesting until you notice it's a choice reward and not a receive all package.

Below are the rewards for the highest possible weekly rewards, you complete this by doing 10 Alert Missions in 128+, the "+" is quite useless here though.

9pu0vmhqetx21 - Constructive Feedback on the weekly rewards with a PL128 Weekly example
Choose 1, you can not have all.

Now, looking at the numbers what is most interesting to pick and how can we communicate this in a constructive way towards the devs.

I've also added a listing order what is the best to pick in my opinion


4th place: Tickets, yeah why not, we can always use more llama's right? Not really, you get 130 tickets from an Alert in 128 so 181 tickets would not make a big impact. (See screenshot below)

3rd place: Legendary Perk Up, 136 of it to be exact, seems like a decent amount (/s), slightly more than 1/3th of a single perk, not to forget a 128 mission alert reward can give 105 Legendary Perk Up, just like tickets it seems quite low. (See screenshot below)

2nd place: Gold, need to get that gold to buy those mythics in the store? Well you are playing PL128 missions so gold shouldn't be too much of a problem for you, this choice takes the second spot off all the choices (again, my opinion).

1st place: Re-Perk, over a thousand of it, if you need it this seems like the most interesting choice (my opinion), it allows you to change a perk and you have some left after the fact, to gather this amount you need to kill 500+ Mist Monsters.
But again, there are those who still have 20K+ Re-Perk so not that interesting on it's own.


0ex4rb82gtx21 - Constructive Feedback on the weekly rewards with a PL128 Weekly example
Current mission in Twine 128 that gives the bigger part of the choice rewards when looking at the Perk Up and the Tickets.

So after this "in-depth" look at the rewards, the current weekly simply is not that interesting, I would be more keen on completing it if we received all rewards instead of a single item choice, don't forget that the example given was the highest possible power level mission.

Bonus: What you earn while doing the 10 alerts for this weekly.

1300 tickets (10x 130 tickets, making the 181 bonus laughable)

Up to 1050 legendary perk up from the alert alone (this one is not a guarantee and probably more fantasy, I do expect there to be a couple of them so let's say 315 or so.

Gold = Unknown until I play another mission in 128, will add it later on.

10 missions expecting you to complete the mist monster quest every two would mean 500 Re-Perk.

TL;DR: The weekly rewards are not that impressive given the effort needed to complete them in some levels, 10x PL128 rewards make the choice reward from the weekly seem like a low impact addition.

Edit: u/tonyton25 had a very good remark, instead of giving all rewards have this same option but multiple times.

When you complete the weekly you get this choice 3-4 times with the option of selecting the same reward.

So this creates options such as the following: Get 3.12K re-perk (3x 1.04K) and 181 tickets (1x) or instead you need gold so you pick 2000 gold (all 4 choices 500 gold).

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