Constructive Feedback that really needs to be looked at by the Developers. Late/End Game talk.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Constructive Feedback that really needs to be looked at by the Developers. Late/End Game talk.

Hi, I’m GraveRobberX. I’ve been at this subreddit since the console launch of Fortnite for the PS4.

I have given advice, helped countless SSDs, posted constructive criticism that u/Magyst even has replied to and would would pass along my feedback.

I’m a power player that has put in ungodly hours, like last year Fortnite Save the World was my most played game approaching 1700 hours dedicated to this.

So hopefully you read along the long post and hopefully you reply back with any constructive feedback on anything I’ve listed or you think should be addressed.

The game has a huge impasse on evolution materials and perk-up of higher rarities. After fixing up Twine by adjusting the Power Level flow of missions by spreading them out, you still created more abundance of the Holy Trinity XP that is not used by late end game users.

Hero, Schematic XP at level 116-128 missions is not a warranted necessity, Survivor XP is literally pointless, an afterthought in those areas of play. It doesn’t help most high level missions aren’t populated well due to risk vs reward mentality. When Husks power creep exceeds fun and becomes a focal frustration point, most will not want to run said missions even if the rewards are warranted.

With AFK, leechers, no teamwork/synergy, it really compounds the issue more and makes it a glaring issue. You can LFG against Pubs, and cater to 3 other like minded players, but when rewards pay out levels that are equal to the same as rewards almost 7 tiers and 100 Power levels below (Husk scaling), again no rush to get involved.

(Personal experience – I still haven’t finished 1 Weekly Challenge, doing all 10 Twine SSDs has gated me to 128+ missions to complete over a weeks time and most are not run at all. Usually the whole area past 108 is barren unless the reward is amazing. I’ve completed 1/10, been like that now 3 weeks going. I’ve tried, either failure or no mission running (populated) has been really a downtrodden feeling of not accomplishing this goal).


Please look into properly scaling Rewards that fill up missions like how 100 used to be. There is too much clutter with way too many missions past 108 that are just wasting away not facilitating players. You might see it as more choice, the community at large sees it as filler.

Missions should be 108, 116, 124. Power level 126 and 128 missions should be removed or there mission allotment given to the prior 3 Power Levels to help bolster freedom to venture and compete missions. Meaning a 4 man caps at 140, while 4+ man difficulty increase pushes Husks to 172.

Then on the rewards side most players in those areas are searching for evolution materials or perkup of the last 2 rarities. An increase in the accruement of said items will go a long way of appeasing the community and keep flowing players in and out. Not hamstrung by getting kneecapped due to a delinquency in resources.


Also to add a new item that the good old Expeditions mode most bypass. Each area should be directed with a supply crate or toolbox or backpack to let players earn resources of Star materials to help out in their endeavors

Example, if a 128 4 man Category 4 Storm is going on Urban area (City) the rewards should be

x120 Pure Drops of Rain

x120 Pure Drops of Rain

Legendary Toolbox x2 (x5 Sunbeam, or x5 Brightcore, x50 Oxidized, x100 Rough Ore)

Epic Backpack (x5 Shadow or x5 Obsidian, x25 Char Black, x50 Rough Ore)

Then whatever the 4x reward be it 4x Epic or Legendary perkup or 4x Evolution Material.

Moving from different types Grasslands could cater more towards Wood and it’s materials, While Industrial towards Metal and it’s materials. Leaving Urban for Brick and Suburbs to be random choice.

This can also be used to help players across all Power levels and scaled to help appease drought and lets players build and trap without feeling that they invest too much and get no “return of investment”

In future iterations you can start adding directly Evolution Material Caches, PerkUp Caches, Schematics from Boss Drops as rewards. It would lessen Epic Boss category slightly but if players could earn a legit amount on top of another dropped by a Boss, it would be well worth it to run the mission(s).

There is supposed to be a grind. That’s a given. There’s an ebb and flow on how things are acquired in this game, but increasing XP so exorbitantly but not help the other side with evolution materials and perkup that really is the catalyst, that is mostly used to propel the player forward and accomplish something in the game I think is warranted.

Players shouldn’t be handed over everything, but I think a steady pace of always feeling satiated in resources without feeling dread that you will hit the wall soon enough cause replenishing is out of reach and the sink is too costly does hurt the player base.

Just look at late to end game players who are now hitting 10+ million in survivor xp, wasting away, even if they wanted to level their collection book extra for rewards again, Evolution Material impasse will be the downfall

Right now it’s just stockpiling for stockpiling sake, accumulating a wealth of xp that doesn’t have any place to be put into

Hell an XP exchange rate of certain amount nets you Evolution Material or PerkUp would really alleviate or qualm the problem at hand

Thanks for reading

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