[Constructive Feedback] Ventures: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - [Constructive Feedback] Ventures: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Ventures: The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY.

I've reached Level 50 in Ventures, and have also completed ALL Ventures-related side quests. I will now provide some rational feedback based on my experiences, and those of my sister and other players I've run into.

1) The Good

Yes, as much as I hate Ventures, there is ONE good thing about it. When looting in PL124-PL140 zones, I noticed you never find anything below Epic Rarity. No whites, greens, or blues here! Using a Supply Drop, looting chests and other objects, even the Storm Chest, NOTHING you find is cheap. It's all Epic or Legendary.

Honestly, it should be like this in the main game, too. In Twine Peaks PL100+, one should NEVER find garbage items there. Make this part of the main game.

2) The Bad

I'll be doing a small list for this part:

  • Ventures was an incredibly painful and boring grind. The "start from scratch" aspect of it was one of the worst things ever decided. I didn't grind my way to PL131 just to be thrown back into Stonewood scrounging for copper and rusty parts. Let player start where their main game PL is.

  • No weapon drops is understandable (I guess), but not being able to drop blu-glo, or resources, was just plain dumb. Keep no-weapon-drops, but PLEASE, allow resources to be shared among others. If my sister or friend needs a couple of ore for a weapon, I should be able to spare some.

  • Speaking of weapons… PLEASE let us use our weapons in Ventures. There's no reason NOT to. What's the point of Superchargers if we can't even use them in Ventures? Make it earnable, or something. Like "reach level 20 to earn weapon crafting", just let us use our weapons. Being forced to use garbage weapons with garbage perks is NOT a challenge. It's just a slap to the face.

  • If weapon scavenging MUST be kept, then improve the Upgrade Benches. In addition to repairing weapons, we should be able to change their perks and element.


3) The Ugly

The parts of Ventures I hated the most and need improved the most.

  • Never do a modifier like "Rage" ever again. What's the point of having hero abilities only to strip them away, making a significant chunk of the heroes useless? There's a reason everyone ran FFJ and BBS. No more "no energy" nonsense, please. It made the game VERY unfun, dull, and soulless.

  • INCREASE REWARDS. Again, I didn't grind my way to PL131 just to earn crap rewards. I'm not a Stonewood player, I'm not flipping out at the prospect of earning 40 Rain. :/ Scale rewards to the player's natural PL level.

  • Give us "Play With Others" in Ventures. It'll make finding games with player less of a headache.

  • DON'T RESTRICT ACCESS TO LOWER PL ZONES! Seriously, just DON'T DO THIS. It becomes very unfair if a desirable reward appears in a lower level, but a player can't access it. EVERY MISSION should be available, from the lowest to highest. That's how it is in the main game, so it should be the same in Ventures and Event biomes like Scurvy Shoals.

  • Make use of our FORT stats and Survivor Squads. Again, what was the point of such a grind to perfect and max out our Research, if it won't even be applied to Ventures? Our hard work has to mean SOMETHING. Please don't take it away from us.

Truthfully, I don't have high hopes for Season 2 of Ventures. It'll probably be the exact same, only with a new modifier on top. :/ But I hope this feedback can at least be read and acknowledged by Epic. I WANT to enjoy Ventures, I WANT to be hopeful that it will "save" STW. But as it is right now, and how it might be on September 4th, it's not looking too good.

Please, improve Ventures NOW.

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