[contest] Guide for starters.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - [contest] Guide for starters.

in my whole experience playing STW i got to teach a lot of players how to play the game or how certain things work… all of this was before Hero rework but they still are relevant now.


well to make it simple the FORT STATS Is where all the "power and survivality" of a character

Fortitude = > Health and regen

Offensive = > Ranged/Melee Damage

Resistance = > Shield and regen

Technology = > Ability/Trap/ Damage and Healing

after you understood that, the most recommended way is to upgrade all evenly so you don't end up being a Glass cannon or a Pillow tank

You Can increase those stats via "Research, Survivors and commander levels"


To make it easier to digest a Squad must have their personalities And their profesion match the squad to get bonuses.

The squad leader defines the personality of the squad

Matching a Survivor personality with their leader gives a bonus depending on the rarity of the leader
N4hfSx2 - [contest] Guide for starters.

Example image

Only Mythics have a penalty on unmatched survivors which is -2

upgrading the survivors 1 level per member is more effective than rushing 1 to max level.

Survivors have 2 things randomly generated their Personality and their Set Bonus

The set bonus its like its name implies an added bonus if you match it going from increasing the ability damage to increasing the durability on traps.
B3M2rV2 - [contest] Guide for starters.

example of an active and in active bonus and inactive.

3- Elemental damage

Elemental damage in Fortnite: Save The World isn't that complicated its mostly Rock, Paper and Scissor => Fire, Nature and Water the latter 2 Physical and Energy are more of the joker in a card game.

Resuming with how to use these elements for Min Max Play there is a simple table to keep in mind

Element huskFireNatureWater

They get a % of the damage iex: 100 fire damage against a nature its 100 but against water its 25

Going for Energy its the "meta" but if you want to juice up the damage go for each element acordingly

Elemental enemies does more damage depending on the material.

Fire > Wood

Nature > Metal

Water > Stone

But you can Use other materials to fight off these, depending on the Modifiers on Mutant storms might be using others a better option.

Fire < Metal

Nature < Stone

Water < Metal

Mutant Storms modifiers

These modifiers can be positive or negative for you, in high zones its purely negative.

always read the text but for example a metal corrosion storm affects metal when hit by NORMAL HUSK.

4- Trading

Don't trade

CLIP: Why you would do that.

5- General Tips

  1. When leveling up weapons before upgrading them to the next tier be sure to have the Material for it best to keep it on its max level like 10/10 or 20/20 after having the next tier material then upgrade to that new tier.

    Iex: Upgrading a Silver ore to Malachite before reaching end Plankertown you won't be able to craft it until you get the required malachite.

  2. always have traps or defenders for solo play or when playing with friends

  3. Don't spam traps mindessly because you will end up wasting materials on traps that will never trigger

  4. Trick the AI into a single entrance placing stairs and walls is a good way to "guide the AI (husk)"
    y3YXKOH - [contest] Guide for starters.

    example image this will make easier to deal with husk and easier to set up traps, just don't abuse it because sometimes they will just munch certain parts.
  5. always send your heros into expeditions to get materials the next time you log in.

it's the first time im doing a guide i know isn't the most perfect i ve done but everything for the new commanders and to help ray.

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