Cool new mission idea for endgame players

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Cool new mission idea for endgame players

To anyone that has been an endgame player for many months or even years, you obviously know that after doing getting all mythic weapons, collection book stuff, ect., the game pretty much becomes a stale repetitive mission grinder. And yes, while there are ways to make the game fun, that sort of fun only lasts for a certain time before we think of something new. Well during my break from school, I played another game that has an pretty interesting "endgame" type challenge for those who made it that far. And they have a cool mission concept that could work very well in STW (won't say what game it is so hopefully mods won't remove this post).

So in the other game, after completing a certain quest line in the game, you gain access to a certain type of mission called Sortie Missions. Everyday for 24 hours, you gain access to 3 missions that certain players can access. These 3 missions progressively get harder and harder as you do each one, and each mission has a certain condition or hazard that make it different than regular missions. Some of those being enemies have increased shields, armor, resistance to a certain damage types, ect. And hazards being extreme cold(less speed), dense fog (less visibility), or even only allowed to use a certain weapon type, such as such only shotgun, melee, rifle, ect. On to the rewards…

Unless I'm wrong, the possible reward for completing all 3 of these missions are pretty good. Each having their own use in helping the player upgrade their mods, character, and more. So onto how can an idea like this be implemented into Save the World.

In order to access these mission, we can lock them behind something difficult to achieve in the game. Let's say you must have the following done:

  • Defeated the Mythic Storm King at least once
  • Completed all Storm Shield Defenses up to Twine Defense 6
  • Must be at least power level 122 (if you go below that, you'll be locked from it until you get back up to it)
  • AND if playing with a squad (not randoms), all must have completed the above requirements in order to access these. If not, the squad would be locked.

If all qualify, you should have these Sortie Missions available. Now how the missions will work. The missions can be the same ones we have now, the 1st mission being lvl108, 2nd a lvl124, and 3rd being a lvl140. Each mission will have a unique modifier that will change the mission up, like the ones I listed at the top. Now let's talk about possible rewards. Some ideas I have is a good amount of materials that require a lot of time to farm.

Note that you can only do sorties once a day for 1 possible reward below:

  • 20 Brightcore/Sunbeam (Choose One)
  • 20 Efficient Mechanical Parts/Carved Twine (Choose one)
  • 800 Rain/ 400 Lightning in a bottle/ 150 Eye of the Storm/ 50 Storm Shards (Choose One)
  • 1,000 Epic Perk-up! / 800 Legendary Perk-up! (Choose One)
  • 2,000 Gold / 2,000 Tickets for whatever event we are in (Choose one)

And thats really all I have for this idea. Like I said, this is just my idea to make endgame players have more to do than just grind for vbucks and stuff.

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