Counterpoint – I Really Enjoyed Frostnite – Burn Bright (Week 2 Challenge) + a Few Modest Tips

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Counterpoint - I Really Enjoyed Frostnite - Burn Bright (Week 2 Challenge) + a Few Modest Tips

I found myself really enjoying this one, more than any of the previous events, by a large margin. I'll list the reasons below, and at the end, add a couple of tips people might find helpful.

  • It was hard. I don't think I ever really doubted I could get through any of the other challenges thus far – this one is just on the edge of do-able. I failed twice with Pick up groups, had a 58 Minute Victory, then two more failures, than a 32ish minute win. It felt like a struggle beginning to end, and the build up to the thirty felt a perfect difficulty ramp. Its the first banner I've put up since I started the game and selected as my standard the swirly one because it reminded me of Persona 4.

  • It punishes stupidity and rewards knowledge of game mechanics in a way survive the storm / horde modes did not. If you don't know how to build, your aren't winning this one. Period. Aside from maybe trapping the spawn points, but that just seems unsportsmanlike – my personal opinion is that it defeats the point of the game.

  • It encourages sharing of resources and a breakdown of roles – people voluntarily dropped stuff for the constructor, asked what was needed, etc. As the constructor, I could pump out gas traps by the dozen as a result, and focus entirely on building and the cumbersome process of breaking down garbage traps and guns for more materials.

  • It encouraged some unconventional play – for the games I won, I actually didn't craft weapons until at least 15 minutes in, and then went for just a revolt and bazooka for the first game, and then just a Bowler for the second game. Without any combat modifiers for my character, I instead ended up rebuilding, trapping, and building out in areas I knew would have future spawn points while my team mates, who could actually do damage, held them off. During taker runs, using the base set up as a demented jungle gym (Inverted Pyramid with roofs on the ramps, doors into the burner) to slow down takers while spam dropping campfires and trying to see if I could bounce cannonballs such to take out a taker and a smasher with a single shot is the stuff 'shit there I was in a game' stories are made of.

  • It encouraged communication. I'm not a talker, but I actually used a PTT Mic for the second and third time as a result of this. Got a couple more in the friends list as a result.

  • Thought was required in who you selected and your team composition. I ran Warden / Demolitionist / Heavy Base for both my successful runs. My team mates were soldiers for firepower and outlanders for both damage and mobility.

  • The setting was great – I saw some complaints about how the barn was a pain, and the cliffs allowed lobbers to toss ungodly distances (and for propane husks to toss like lobbers . . . -_-; ) but it really felt like it belonged in the story – about to be caught in the storm, you have no chance make your time. Starting the fight from right where we are, with what we've got in our pockets and nothing more. It really makes the victory that must sweeter. We fight the storm on its terms, not ours. This is their surprise round.

As for surviving the thirty minutes:

  • There's a farm to the right of the starting area, to the left and slightly further on. Its got a lot of bacon plants. Hit that on the initial downtime, and you'll be trippin bacon for the duration, integral to trapping success.

  • Gas traps, Wall launchers, and floor launchers are the priority traps for me. When building Gas traps, make sure they are secured by more than one contact point – just attaching them to the inverted stairs round the burner square isn't enough – drop an arch piece to keep it standing for when the smasher manages to punch the stairs to pieces.

  • Grab the drops, both blue glo and otherwise. These drops I think contain different things than prior drops. Specifically, I've come away with a lot of black charcoal dust, nuts and bolts, etc, so I suddenly can use all that bacon I picked up. Basically, they give more valuable and large quantities of materials than in Frostnite regular, to the point where you might be able to get away without farming after the first 15 minutes.

  • If you keep your burner under 50 long enough, more blu glo will be dropped, or so it seems.

  • While I have not personally done chest/farming run for this, I'd think it would be of value, provided the mats where shared out as appropriate.

  • If you've got a Bowler, you might consider building a secondary quasi wall around the inverted pyramid – at each corner, drop walls to form an L, and on each outward facing wall, attach inverted stairs to prevent smashers from smashing. This actually aren't mean to impede physical progress, but instead create walls that people with bowlers can use to one shot smashers via bouncing the cannonball. Careful with propane though. Although if you've tier three'd it, you'll probably come out okay. The secondary walls also serve to block blaster shots

  • Part of the reason I've been playing warden is because of the healing to allies and self when on a base tile. That healing, plus Dropping reasonably perked Campfires made the taker waves survivable.

If you are serious and need a hand, feel free to add me to your friends list. Game name (Secondraid) is Reddit name. US East, Computer. Don't guarantee a win, but I at least think the fight is fun.

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