Current Husk balancing issues

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Current Husk balancing issues

This game has a balancing issue, obviously, Epic Games wants players to be active on defenses instead of AFKing by using contraptions and thats fine, being active in defense is really fun, I myself am active in defenses. However, one of the reasons why people go for contraptions to complete missions in late game is because of how overpowered Husks are in Late game, starting around Canny Valley, There's many Husks that can just obliterate you in seconds, making the experience very frustrating and unfair, so, I compiled a bunch of my issues with the husks and put them here.

Before you go ahead and comment "This is a dead game" or "Just use stalling contraptions", No, that isn't fun. Also be considerate in the comments section, no need to trash talk for no reason


As of right now, Zappers(Gunslingers), Bee Husks, Lobbers(Both Skull and Bee types), Blasters, Smashers, Husklings, Sploders, and Nurses, nearly all husks, are OP in some way, Shape, or form.

Here's the issues I have found.

Bee Husks & Bee Lobbers

The Damage per /s of the Lingering effect is a bit too high. The damage is also too high. The Lingering effects from separate Bee Husks can stack, causing firerate to be doubled, Decimating you.

Bee Lobbers' firerate(Bee Hives thrown per second) is too high. There's also an issue with the spawn rate of the but this will be covered in the Lobbers section


Smashers can initiate a charge very quickly and with little to no room, which makes them a bit more annoying, but this isn't really an issue, the issue is the amount that can spawn on waves, since High Canny Valley you can get two of them Spawning nearly simultaneously, and since powerlevel 77 weapons like the Nocturno don't deal as much damage as you might need to, they can just tear through easily with assist from other husks like Sploders.


One of the most annoying one to deal with, the propane explosion going through walls is a big issue, and the damage to structures specially in high end places is absurd, easily tear through L2 and even L3 Building pieces if not dealt with fast, Anti Air Traps help a lot but they don't help against the Self Destruct mechanic, which does the same damage to structures while not being able to be countered with Anti Air Traps, they also deal quite a lot of damage to the player, two Sploders can kill you easily if you are at the recommended Power Level for the mission or close.


This is also an annoying one, even more than Sploders in some cases. The firerate of them is extremely high. Also the amount of Lobbers that can spawn at once is ridiculous, this combined with it's firerate makes Lobbers one of the most Overpowered husks, Anti Air Traps Help, however once you get an army of them, Anti Air Traps become useless, as there's way too many skulls to shoot at, combine with the fact that Anti Air can also target Pitchers' Bones, which is more useless than you think. The Lobber's Spawn rate is too high in late game missions and makes the missions borderline impossible in solo play, which is one of the predominant ways to play the game due to it's multiplayer base being…. not great to say the least. Rarely you will find good players than are actually nice.


Zappers & Blasters

The most Obnoxious and overpowered of the group, hands down. With a 99.5% accuracy and high damage and fire rate, these fellas are one of the most broken enemies I have seen in a game, and, I've played many. The Blasters' accuracy is lower than Zappers but they can still hit you most of the time, altho the damage is higher than a normal zapper. Elemental Zappers are even worse, dealing lingering fire damage, draining your energy, or slowing you down while still retaining what makes this husk very broken to begin with is really infuriating. The Spawn rates for them are also too high, getting upwards to 7-10 at once in some cases. They do chain attacks until you are dead, and makes you feel very underpowered and hopeless, Battle Royale Players will have a bit less trouble dealing with them but they are still stupid overpowered, even if you know how to combat build like in Battle Royale. in a moment's notice, they can decimate you. This is one of those Husks that needs a bit more rework than the others. Also two Blasters Spawning at once is deadly.


Nurses healing other Nurses, do i have to say anything else? Well actually yeah. The healing speed is also slightly too high, making them near impossible to kill if you don't have a good weapon with a good firerate and damage output.


These ones are the least annoying ones in this list but still very annoying regardless. Their Attack speed is slightly too high, them able to get to you insanely fast and also then attacking in groups makes them too powerful in my honest opinion, they can kill you faster than a group of Zappers and they are fast.

Well as you can see, there's a lot going on here. While the game is meant to get harder as the story progresses, the difficulty curve looks more like a 90 degree angle more than a curve, due to unbalance mostly, rather than being difficult to be fun, its difficult because it's unfair.

Most of the changes that can be done to fix this are obvious, but there's one thing that might not. Spawn rates for some of these husks are messed up, adding the fact that they are also overpowered in some way makes the experience for solo players and even coops frustrating. Slightly OP or full on OP. they are unbalanced and changes must be done. This game has a lot of potential, and, I Have a lot of fun playing it, but this unbalance is making the game more frustrating than it needs to. If Anyone from the Save the World Development Team is reading this, I hope you guys make the right thing, instead of giving us a band aid solution to the symptoms of a illness.

Feel free to discuss in comments and suggest more stuff, I may add them here too

Edit: fixed the weird spacing, for easier reading

– Cinnamon

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