Current problem workarounds discovered.

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Since people have been saying that they are not receiving post-game rewards after some games, I have tried to find a correlation with how the game behaves when no rewards are handed out and I believe that I have found a solution that allows people to detect a ''no-reward'' game without having to wait until the end of the match to see if they will be rewarded.

The solution is as follows:

When you enter a new game, go straight to any active objective that you have, the simplest of which would be the birthday cake challenge. Collect the cake and pay close attention to the quest progress update counter on the right side of your screen(by default). If the quest update counter does not appear, you will not receive any rewards at the end of the game. If this does happen, simply leave the game and re-queue in a different lobby. The problem seems to be dysfunctional servers so the solution is simply an attempt to find a functional one. Be careful as any further cakes you collect will register as intended, but this will not change the outcome so the first pick-up is essential in determining this.


When attempting this, sometimes you will get the "Failed to lock profile" error when lobby-hopping. This can simply be solved by a full game restart or switching the game mode to Battle Royale then back to Save The World.

Although my sample size is rather small (~15 games), this has checked out every single time so far. Hopefully I was able to save some of you a lot of time and wasted effort.

Good day.

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