Daily & Repeatable Storm Shield Defenses

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“Yikes! Looks like the husks are back for more, and they’re not messing around this time, commander! One of our stormshields is under attack, grab those tools and guns and get ready to kick some butt!“

I‘ve always loved SSDs. They’re incredibly challenging and probably require the most strategic thinking out of any mission in the game (right now). As such it is very sad to see each zone‘s storm shield cap out at level 10 and then become a dead area that you can still visit, but not complete any more missions on. So here’s an idea to bring SSDs back into relevancy even after beating their maximum expansion level mission:

Daily Storm Shield Defenses

As mentioned in the small dialogue that could be implemented into the game, activate a daily mission on one out of your currently unlocked Storm Shields (Stonewood SS, Plankerton SS etc.). These missions would differ from normal SSDs in having both a storm mutation active and being randomized in length and amount of waves, the latter of which would be dependent on your storm shield‘s current expansion level, to prevent tough missions appearing on a barely fortified storm shield. The rewards for these could be the same as the normal storm shield missions you find in your storyline, a couple of v-bucks and some mini llamas. This would add another incentive to check out your STW daily next to daily quests and login rewards.


As I said above, I hate not being able to play more SSDs even after beating all 10 levels on my previous ones. So additionally, add both a way to specifically queue for SSDs (benefits both veteran players who maybe wanna grind for hero XP and mini llamas specifically and newer players who generally tend to be starved for some help on those SSDs) and a way to replay your level 10 expansion level SSD. This naturally wouldn’t lend a v-buck reward like the first time you beat it, but it would allow players to test the limits of their trap tunnels and defenses and improve upon their skills constructing said things by hopping into their SSD in a private lobby.

TL;DR Add daily SSDs with storm mutations and a way to specifically queue for SSDs in „Play with others“ plus the ability to replay your last expansion SSD to make storm shields not a dead area once you beat them.

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