DarkElf’s Homebase Remedies: Toxicity

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Is your commander feeling down? Have they set their settings to private to avoid socializing with others? Then it's most likely they've been exposed to commanders who are corrupted by the storm.

These toxic commanders are often seen cheating, AFKing, griefing, leeching, trading and scamming and go out of their way to waste other people's time and make the experience as unpleasant as possible.

While each commander's resistance is different, left untreated this toxic exposure could have devastating results. Many commanders wander off never to be seen again, and in very rare circumstances some even become corrupted and toxic themselves.

But with these simple Homebase Remedies, we can get our commanders back out there, ready to fight that storm"


Ray: Heya commander.

Commander: *sighs*

Ray: Pop, I think the commander is sick go find help, I'll keep an eye out over here.

Pop: *makes panicked farm animal noises and leaves*

Ray: Just hang in there commander, we'll have you 86ing in no time.

Commander: *groans*

Ray: Lars! Dennis! Syd! Anyone?

Lars: Hey little robot. *plays guitar riff*

Ray: Lars quick, there is something wrong with the commander!

Commander: *groans louder*

Dennis: Has the commander always complained this much? Summer is always telling me to be quiet and that complaining could harm our future unborn child.

Ray: Not helping Dennis. Lars, anything?

Pop: *returns with Ned's medkit and makes pleased noises*

Lars: Hmmm… I'm not a medical doctor but my guess is that the commander was exposed to something toxic and is now suffering some sort of poisoning or depression.

Ray: You mean from toxic players? Sounds like a husk trap… but… I have a solution… and I'm going to need everyone's help.

Pop: *makes excited noises and clicks*

Ray: On second though, maybe it would be better if you returned that to Ned.

Pop: *makes a resigned sound then leaves. Gets distracted by farms on his way back to Ned and leaves medkit somewhere nearby.*

// THE END //

PS. If I had any actual artistic skill I'd have tried to put the above into a comic strip format but I've already spent too much time on a rather lengthy post. I'd also just like to reiterate that this feedback represent my thoughts, opinions, and ideas based on my experiences.

1. AFKers, Griefers and Leeches


Unfortunately we can all agree the current reporting feature is simply not effective. Toxic players don't fear or care about the consequences of their negative behaviour, even going so far as to dare people to report them, and the healthy players often don't even bother reporting them as you'll just run into another one the next game.

Furthermore, the current system can't be automated effectively as its data comes from emotional humans and it is too easy to get false positives thanks to griefers having the ability to troll by reporting others for a laugh.

Even if you do get the "offender was not a bear" message, exactly which one out of the many was that? The one from last night? last week? last month?

A vote-kick option is also not ideal as it is too open to exploitation and trolling.


A basic karma system


Implement a 4 level karma ranking system (3 = outstanding, 2 = good, 1 = average, 0 = terrible) and use this for matchmaking with people of the same ranking. (Using only 4 karma levels to limit matchmaking issues and prevent empty lobbies, while also having 2 positive karma levels as a disconnect and rejoin can reset your scores and sometimes a clever trap tunnel can leave you with little to do)


All players in a public mission begin with a -1 karma score, and by contributing towards the objective (tracked with objective points), players will then earn back 1 karma point to end up even again. Players that contribute more can earn an additional karma point, potentially increasing their karma rank, while players who do not contribute sufficiently, effectively lose one karma point and drop down a rank.

Would also be nice to have a karma reward summary on the endgame screen so that players can see contributors being rewarded karma and the bad apples losing karma.

Only public missions can earn karma points and have a karma cost

Tracking objective points:

Earning objective points is done by tracking each individual player's combat and building points earned related to doing the objective. With regards to traps, having all players in the objective area get small buff to objective points earned if a trap was triggers upto 2 seconds prior, could promote smarter gameplay and discourage players from destroying trap tunnels.

This should be possible with minimal additional work as Epic already track every kill / assist a player makes for side quests and (used to) track recommended build limits in the objective area.

Defense missions*: Only building pieces placed and/or upgraded at the objective area, and enemies killed during the defense wave count towards objective points

Build the Radar grid : only tower pieces placed counts towards building objective points

Destroy the encampments : only encampment spawned husks count towards combat objective points

Deliver the bomb : In addition to the standard defense mission rules, killing of enemies spawned during escort route count for combat points (I'm hesitant to include laying the track as people tend to spam tracks).

Rescue the survivors : Depositing bluglo, building and place survivor relays, killing spawn enemies, collecting and returning medkits etc. can all count towards objective points


*includes ride the lightning, retrieve the data, evacuate the shelter, repair the shelter, deliver the bomb, fight the storm 1-4

Punishing negative players:

when a player reaches karma rank 0, they receive a 48 hour time-out where they are locked to private matches only. When the time-out period ends they will gain 1 karma point to put them back to rank 1 where they can play with other rank 1 players again.

Repeat offenders can receive harsher punishment as there is now evidence to support such actions e.g. recieving 3 time-outs within a fortnight period will get players a 2 week lock-out ban.

Extremely negative behaviour will still need to be reported via the report function where Epic can investigate and ban as appropriate.

2. Traders, scammers and 3rd party online stores


This part will come across as a bit of a rant but I'm annoyed how ignorant Epic Games is being about this issue. It's been over a year of this nonsense and the only thing they've done is disable global chat after players pointed out the performance issues this was causing.

The whole reason for a schematic based crafting system is so that players expand and invest in their own arsenal as they progress with the game. All weapons and heroes are viable, and that is what Epic Games should be promoting. Trading is completely contradictory to this – stonewood players should not be running around with their entire backpacks full of probably duped endgame weapons and resources. Why do they allow this exploit to continue when it's actually hurting healthy part of their playerbase while catering to the whims of a few players who would be better served playing a collectible card game, and online predators preying on the naive and impressionable youth?

Points to consider:

  • Beggars are always going to beg. Traders are always going to trade. Scammers are always going to scam. Cheaters are always going to cheat. Con artists and thieves are always going to con and steal. People are not inherently good; we're a species of greedy, self-obsessed as*holes, and it takes a conscious effort to be a decent human being.
  • Banning the accounts of those immoral opportunists over at MMOGO and other online sites is pointless and effectively impossible while "trading" still exists. They are always going keep trying to con and steal, whether it's duping gullible players into spending cash for useless items, committing credit card fraud, or even hacking and stealing accounts.

Epic Games have made so much great progress towards solving this, with the event store, collection book researching / recruiting / unslotting and the perk recombobulator, all effectively eliminating the need to trade, and yet instead of now taking the final step and removing the stink, they throw another turd on the shit-pile and hope the flies will go away.

"But DarkElf, what do you care if they 'trade', it doesn't affect you"… except that it does. Exactly which of these sound like a postive experience?

  • Defense wave starts and 2 players decide that then is the best time to go off and trade. Theb after they're done trading they don't want to use their precious new full durability items, so they proceed to AFK.
  • Joining a match and being followed and boxed while they trigger survivors, encampments etc while begging for trade or free guns
  • Player calls out storm chest just before or during the defense wave and all the traders run off for that 1 shitty weapon cos it's worth more to them as trade than the mission rewards to level up their own schematic
  • Players join the mission, farm storm chests then trade then leave, by which time matchmaking will no long repopulate the lobby, leaving you to complete the mission on your own or with only 1 other person
  • Players trying to holding the mission hostage by refusing to help or do anything unless you trade or give them guns
  • Spamming global and team chat with BS

    TRADER: "traed?"

    TRADER: "traed?"

    TRADER: "traed traed traed traed traed traed traed traed traed"?

    ME: "no, pls stop spamming"

    TRADER: "I have 130 guns"

    ME: "you're pl15… you're too low level for your guns to be useful…"

    TRADER: "I'm pro player, I have 1000 kills in BR, you have no skillz cos you fight only zombies."

    TRADER: "why your guns only 106, lol"

    TRADER: "git gud"

    TRADER: "noob"

    TRADER: "i report you"

    TRADER: "my friend's dad / uncle / cousin / former roommate works at Epic, you gonna get banned"

    TRADER: "traed?"

The only way to stop these unsavoury practices is to remove the "feature" they are exploiting.


– Weapons and traps (whether crafted via schematics or looted) should be locked to your account, and in the inventory screen should not even have the option to drop – only recycle or destroy. A quick fix is to disable or hide on the "Drop" button on the inventory tabs – as when managing your backpack from the front end armory. (This takes all of 2mins to do in UMG)

– Resources, materials and ingredients can be left with option to be dropped as they are readily farmed by anyone, and require a schematic to be used.

3. Taxis and underlevelled players


Great job to Epic Games on the homebase level restrictions for missions. Taxis and low level players were a major pain point and I'm super pleased to see it finally addressed.

*insert Homebase Remedies stamp of approval*


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