Dear Ep. Games, why not just hire more developers for Save the World?

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Dear Ep. Games, why not just hire more developers for Save the World?

From what I've seen and heard over the past few months, the development team for Save the World is lacking and some developers were even moved to work on Battle Royale.

I'm looking under the "Compete" tab for Battle Royale right now. THREE of these cups gave out $100,000 in prizes while another gave out $500,00 in prizes.

I'm sorry, Epic, excuse my language, but what the fuck? We know you're just rolling around in money right now because of your Epic Game Store timed exclusives and the amount of children who use their mom's credit card to get your overpriced skins. But instead of putting any of this money towards Save the World, a game we paid for, to hire more developers, you're just gonna give money away to players who are good at the game, who are already most likely streamers who make a shit ton of money from their child fan base who spam donations and subscriptions to support them?

I fully understand that Battle Royale is your cash cow and you want to milk that shit as dry as you can, but you can't forget about the people who bought Early Access for Save the World to support a game that has such promise.

Early access, also known as early funding, alpha-access, or paid-alpha, is a funding model in the
Video game industry - Dear Ep. Games, why not just hire more developers for Save the World?

video game industry by which consumers can purchase and play a game in the various pre-release
development cycles, such as pre-alpha, alpha, and/or beta, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue further development on the game. Those that pay to participate typically help to debug the game, provide feedback and suggestions, and may have access to special materials in the game.

Does our Early access money even go towards developing Save the World anymore? Or are you just tossing it all into Battle Royale and using the spare change to pay the developers? What's going on here?

Let me finish with this. Save the World is a fun game. I originally bought it for free v-Bucks for Battle Royale. After playing it, however, it beat Battle Royale for me by a long shot. Battle Royale is popular right now because it's free. The moment you make Save the World free, I guarantee Battle Royale will die out. With the proper development and attention this game could be so much better for all players, new and old. I can't even find people to play with lately because people are quitting left and right, and that breaks my heart. I don't want to see this game die out more because of Battle Royale.

Please, Epic. Listen and do something. Focus on both game modes. You have the money. Stop flaunting it by buying timed exclusive games for your store and making it rain on players who already make plenty of money streaming your game whether it's from donations, subscriptions, sponsors, or even their own Creator Codes.

Save our game, Epic.

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