Dear Epic and STW Community

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Dear Epic and STW Community

In light of the recent patch issues and all the negativity, I would like to remind us all that both the devs and the playerbase are passionate people that strongly care about the game and part of the STW community. Yes, we paid for an early access game; yes, there are issues with the game; yes, last patch had major issues that negatively impacted a large portion of the player base; yes, we have the right to be upset.

But please, understand that the devs ARE trying to resolve these issues and yes, sometimes it takes time. Please remember that just like you, there's someone else sitting on the other side of that keyboard. It may be hard for some people accept this, but I'm pretty sure that no one at Epic went "well here, fuck this half-assed patch for Easter long weekend so we can piss everyone off." We are fortunate that Epic engages as much as it does with the community. Unfortunately, especially recently, it seems like the STW community has formed a cesspool of negativity and circlejerking spiraling down the drain. Remember the hero updates, all those llamas they gave out, the resources to let us update and play with all the new builds, the beta storms, etc.?


I'm not saying that the recent issues are justified, but I think that we, as the playerbase, need to think about how we envision our relationship with the devs and take responsibility in shaping that. There are positive, constructive ways to give feedback, and we have a large responsibility in shaping our experiences. When I first started, STW was a positive community. I looked up guides and videos on youtube, and still somehow blew up propane and built terribly – but I enjoyed the game and met a lot of good people along the way. More experienced players popped by and helped show me how to build tunnels or pyramids, dropped extra mats and weapons for "when the brown stuff hits the twirly thing and u need to kill everything fast". It was a very welcoming community and I enjoyed going back to lower level places to share that experience. I still experience more good games than bad, but it seems like the vocal minority has taken over the subreddit and we're putting all that responsibility on the devs.

Epic has always been generous in making things right, and I believe that we can trust them in doing the same for this patch. Their team, however large or small it is, are frustrated and doing their best in resolving this issue for everybody too. Sometimes the brown stuff hits the twirly thing, and we should support and show appreciation in the team that is working tirelessly to resolve this, especially to the people that willingly walk into a burning building filled with pitchforks to keep us updated on what's going on.

Thank you to u/Magyst u/AryssSkaHara and the rest of the STW team. We know that you're doing your best and appreciate that this isn't easy for you guys either. Please remember that the frustration and complaints come from a place of love for the game and the world that you've created (:

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