Dear EPIC, I propose an easy fix to the afk/leeching/griefing complaints that might just make everyone happy.

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - Dear EPIC, I propose an easy fix to the afk/leeching/griefing complaints that might just make everyone happy.

I feel for you guys, I really do. Almost daily, people seem to rant and complain on this subreddit about AFK and leeching players who spin around in circles doing nothing. Everyone raises their pitchforks and blasts the devs for being so slow to create a ban system blah blah…

But what if, instead of banning the not-so-great players, you simply implement a reward for players who have to carry their teams?

A solution might operate on the table below:

Percentages show Combat Score as a % of Team Combat Score

(1 Player)(2 players)(3 players)(4 players)Hero/Schematic/Survivor Experience or Gold Multiplier
<100%< 65%< 45%< 40%1x
x65 – 80%45 – 60%40 – 55%1.25x
x80 – 90%60 – 80%55 – 70%1.5x
x90 – 100%80 – 100%70 – 100%2x

In practice, this would mean that if I was teamed up with one other person and made double their contribution in combat (making up 66% of the total team combat score), I would get 1.33x the gold and experience normally granted by the mission. In instances of minor carrying, the reward wouldn't be absurdly large so as to throw off the game progression balance. In the rarer instances where you might end up doing practically all the work, you'll be fairly rewarded for doing so with a juicy 2x multiplier.

Pros: Firstly, implementing this system would ease the rage and annoyance people experience with having a low level player or leecher load into the mission and contribute nothing for a nice reward. Secondly, it would encourage higher level players to help out lower level friends with their quest progressions and other missions. While there's potential for abuse (a PL 50 joining a PL 5 game and dragon slashing through the entire mission to earn 90% of the team combat score), the relatively small rewards from PL 5 missions would offset any real benefit to the 2x multiplier (because double 500 hero exp is still only 1000 hero exp).


Cons: In suggesting this, I obviously see there is potential for abuse as well. The biggest two things that pop up for me are taxis and late game joining. While the majority of the userbase probably won't go to great lengths to game the system I can reasonably foresee that some will bring some low level player up to twine peaks to double their rewards by carrying the mission. However, I think the existing game mechanics would make this relatively ineffective because anyone strong enough to carry a mission with a useless teammate probably won't be getting much actual benefit from the rewards in a mission they are over-powered in (not to mention, other people can still join and contribute enough to substantially lower the reward if not in private mode). The second issue of having a friend join just as a mission ends is more conflicting. On one hand, I could say that the same principle applies where players who want to reliably double their rewards will have to actually solo carry difficult missions and perhaps the 2x multiplier should apply regardless of number of players in the game. Unfortunately, this would probably encourage people to grind out missions in private mode, which is against the core idea of a multiplayer game like Fortnite STW. But the issue is probably easily resolved by requiring a player to join either before the defense starts for their presence to change the combat score requirements from 1 player to 2 player (or before the halfway mark in Survivor/Encampment runs).

EDIT: A few people have raised the issue of people competing to put down traps – I think a quick fix would be to move traps to utility score (although better suggestions are welcome). I don't see the harm in this since the scores aren't that important right now anyway other than to show you who's been contributing.

I hope you guys at EPIC get a chance to read this, and I'd love for your opinion and feedback on the idea!

Love, Defmac

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