Dear Epic Why did you do this to me :( help me

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So i started playing Fortnite on 09/26/2017 @ 03:08 AM

literally was waiting from two weeks to come out so i started to EVERYDAY from season 1 Till season 5 and bought all the battle passes , bought Save The World (To support the developers) and loved the game BUT epic doesn't care

so i bought 1000 vbucks on ps4 and they were never added in my account i go to there support and send an email after few weeks so guess what i get


Thanks for contacting Epic Games Player Support.

Your account has been disabled and will no longer function with any Epic Games' products or services due to account sharing, which violates our EULA/TOS. Epic Games support is unable to re-enable your account upon request.

the moment i saw that email i started shaking went into complete depression cause i did nothing


so i keep emailing and emailing tweeting everywhere and nothing at all

all i got were automated messages from there support (i know there are limited staff) but what am i supposed to do

like i tried calling messaging tweeting even calling there number and well they say leave a voice message which i did doing everything i really don't understand why i got this BAN i never "account shared" yes i played on multiple ps4 using my account but nothing else yes i changed linked ps4 to another psn to change the ign So what? did i do i really love fortnite but support is not helping i in complete depressed mode just remembering the times played that game makes me shiver so please epic im asking politely HELP ME

then what should i do?! i didn't do anything

i always wanted to support i bought vbucks for the skins but i bought save the world for supporting the staff who were working on the game i would even talk by phone

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