Dear New Players: I am truly sorry for the toxicity you guys have to deal with. They’re working on it.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Dear New Players: I am truly sorry for the toxicity you guys have to deal with. They're working on it.

A lot of people see your posts as complaining/whining/ranting. I did too. I've been in twine for 9 months and rarely ever dip below canny. When I was powering through, we had afks/leechers as well so I kinda blew off all your rants. But we had it NOWHERE near as bad as you guys.

How do I know? Well I unequipped all my survivors to set my PL as low as possible and did some missions. Turns out just via research and skill points I was still PL 43ish, so I couldn't even get down to plank. So this is based off of multiple low level Canny missions (also I'm on PC, I'm assuming console is even worse cause voice chat/upside down controller afk).

  • The first thing I noticed: No one talks. Ever. If they do, it is usually: 'Anyone got ___ to trade?' or, if you're lucky, 'Starting'. There is no love or upbeat attitude in these games and it just feels BAD. I'm assuming no one talks because they've been traumatized by Plankerton and Stonewood trade trolls, but that's just a guess.

  • The next thing: Everyone spent 15-30 minutes farming before going to the objective. I'm pretty damn sure it is because everyone is afraid everyone else is a leecher/afk that won't help at all, so they delay building.

  • Obligatory: Afk/leechers in around 1/6 the games I played. When I first went through canny was more 1/16. So definitely worse. AND this isn't even plankerton or stonewood which had a much higher rate of afk/leech.

  • The last major thing I noticed: If the mission was close to failure, or someone wasn't playing meta heroes, SOMEONE would always start blaming someone else. Feelsbadman. Fails happen, yelling at each other in all caps just puts everyone in a grumpy mood. It is better to just move on, so all I can say is pray they do too.


So how did all this happen? Well, if I had to bet on it, it would be the lack of a trade chat. Trading is actually a recent development that started maybe 5-6 months ago. It was relatively benign at first. Then more and more people did it. Then scammers/spammers showed up. Then came the "You can get super easy V-bucks for BR in StW!"

As more and more people came in, Global chat became trade chat. That is all it is now. Back when the grind first started for most veteran players, if you didn't want to risk playing with Afk/leechers you could EASILY type in global and find people who actually wanted to play. In fact, every other message in global was looking for help with SSD. Imagine if all those trade posts were people looking for people to play with? Sounds amazing right? It was! That's what global used to be.

So, I guess what I'm trying to get at is, if you enjoy playing StW and are constantly discouraged by the playerbase around you in SW/Plank/Canny, you have my sympathies. It really does suck. All I can tell you is that the Devs ARE working on a way to address community moderation. How? I have no clue. In the meantime, try to find as many decent people as you can to add to your friend-list to grind together. You can always unfriend them later if they turn out to be jerks! I hope you guys stick it out or come back once they address these issues, because it really is an awesome game and the more people that play, the more people to play with.

TL;DR: For the players that never leave Canny/Twine, things down in Plankerton and Stonewood are a hell beyond your wildest nightmares. Have pity on these new players. Also, they can't easily find people to play with anymore in Global. Global chat isn't what it used to be. It is now Trade chat. For the new players, we feel you. We're rooting for you! Hopefully you stick it out and find some way to enjoy the game!

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