Dear Veteran Players – Don’t give up hope

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First off, since this is now the one year anniversary of this great game, all you guys who play since the beginning or at least since halloween, are veterans for me.

With all those RANT posts in the last couple of days I thought I need to clarify and explain the ongoing situation.

Magyst already said that with the incoming update the leech and taxi problem in higher levels will be reduced.

The taxiing will still be there but please be patient with this new big group of fortnite players.

So if you're coming across more lowlevel afk'ers or similar, please have in mind that a lot of people who bought the game because it was on sale, like me, are playing the game the right way. We come here, we know about the problems and even if we didn't invest as much money as a lot of guys in the game, we stillt want to grind our way up. So please don't give up on the new guys. You didn't had an encounter with us yet because we are still in Stonewood. And even though my heroes and survivors are pretty good already (thank you so much for the birthday event) you won't come across players like me for another couple months. More importantly we need you guys. All of my friends only play BR and thats okay, as long as I have a functioning community looking forward to.


Another reminder is that a lot of you guys on here said: Rush Stonewood. So the fact that new players rush the game as long as it can be rushed, its just normal. You guys would've done the same thing if it had been possible a year ago. Just stop the whining and have fun with the game. You play long enough to know that some randoms are worse than others.

thanks for reading the kind of long post and sorry for my english; first post on this sub. now back to grinding for that llamurai!


Veteran players shouldn't quit the game because of some leechers. The people who get taxiid wont stay for long and all the new guys who want to play the game properly will eventually make this great community even greater. Just give us some time catching up!

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