Dennis becoming Beef Boss (New Hero Idea + Event Storyline Idea)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Dennis becoming Beef Boss (New Hero Idea + Event Storyline Idea)

With the skin Beef Boss in Battle Royale, I think it's time we bring him into Save the World as Dennis.

Here's my idea:

An entire epic storyline that has Dennis wanting to become more than just a Burger Flipping kid at homebase.

After a Series of mishaps due to Dennis, Ray flips out on him. Out of anger, She tells him that she doesn't want him at Homebase anymore and neither does anyone else. Dennis starts moping and agrees to leave. As he starts to leave, Lok pops up and asks Dennis if he wants to talk about Super Heroes. Dennis declines in a sad way and Lok being the child robot he is, tries to cheer up Dennis.

Dennis tells Lok how he is sick of being on the sidelines and he wishes he could not only fix the mistakes he made, but also join the crew to help save survivors as he wants to be more than just the burger flipping annoyance he feels he is. Lok starts getting excited as he starts shouting "oh boy oh boy oh boy." Dennis asks Lok what he's so excited about. Lok looks at Dennis and tells him that He wants to help Dennis become a super hero. Dennis looks at Lok with shock and starts to tremble saying that he could never be a super hero. Lok tells Dennis that if he can't, then to create a character that can and act as him. Lok then unbeknownst to Anyone including Dennis grabs an Outlander gauntlet, a T.E.D.D.Y cube, a Shock Tower Cube, and a Phase Shift device. He puts them all in a duffel bag telling Dennis that they are food and supplies they might need because Lok wants to go around and look for costume ideas. Dennis grabs the bag eagerly and they set off to do so outside of Homebase.

Meanwhile in homebase Ray is talking to the group about Dennis and how angry she is about him, not realizing she told him to leave homebase. After searching for a while, Lok and Dennis find a few costumes. A Red and Yellow Cape and costume with an eye mask, an range/Purple mixed suit and bow tie with boots, and a black suit that looks similar to Cloak Stars. Dennis tries each one on making comments such as "Ketchup Man with a side of Mustard" and "I am the Cloaked Griller", but when he tries on the Orange Suit; Lok says that Dennis looks like a Boss.

Dennis agrees proclaiming that he just needs a mask. However, a Husky Husk finds Lok and Dennis and chases them. They eventually manage to lose the husk, but find themselves to be lost in Plankerton. That's when Dennis sees a firmiliar sight. The Durr Burger Head at his old Durr Burger. He knows it's his because he spray painted the Olive black as the husks started to attack. The two of them venture in and to their surprise find everything untouched. Dennis and Lok look around. Lok goes into the kitchen and then screams. Dennis rushes to Lok thinking that he put Lok in danger. When he opens the door, he finds a… flying Durr Burger head? It's actually Lok with a Durr Burger Mascot head mask that fell on him making him not be able to see. Dennis gets it off of Lok and starts to stare at the mask.

Back at homebase, the Sergeant and Jess are taking equipment inventory when Jess notices that Outlander gear is missing. She gets angry and starts questioning everyone. Luna and Penny both claim they saw Dennis leave homebase with a bag. That's when an emergency distress call comes in saying that a Durr Burger is under a huge wave of Mist Monsters and that what appeared to be a wondering kid in a Durr Burger Uniform was somewhere nearby. The survivors would be able to be found in the Durr Burger Basement. Everyone gears up agreeing they will question Dennis later and head out. Ray however starts freaking out with Lars trying to calm her. She spills everything to Lars about telling Dennis to leave and that she didn't mean it. Lars listens and tells her everything will be okay.


Back at Durr Burger, Dennis look at the Durr Burger Mascot head and puts it on. Lok says it looks like a perfect fit and Dennis says that he's able to see out of it perfectly. Lok and Dennis look at his full costume. Dennis gets snazzy by putting a Mustard and ketchup carrier on his back pocket with bottles in it as well as a Durr Fry backpack. He gives a thumbs up and asks Lok what he thinks. Lok sits there for a minute in amazement and then states that Dennis is the Beefiest of Bosses. Dennis starts thinking and smirks. He then points outward and states that he shall be known as Beef Boss. Lok tells Dennis to close his eyes. As Dennis does, Lok gets the Outlander Gear out and equips Dennis with it. Dennis opens his eyes and sees that he's been equipped. Clenching his fists, Dennis takes a breath and becomes silent. He closes his eyes and Lok hands him an AR. That's when the Survivors come back up. They see Dennis and Lok saying that it looks like someone has come to help them. Dennis goes to say something, but remembers what Lok said to him about playing the role of someone else. Then out of nowhere, a bunch of mist monsters attack. Dennis starts taking them down. A Smasher goes for a low swing and Dennis jumps above it. He punches the smasher and destroys it. The survivors start cheering and ask who to thank. Lok says Beef Boss as Dennis nods standing there proud saying nothing. In the distance, Jess and Luna see everything that Dennis did as Beef Boss without realizing it was him. They also don't see Lok with him. One of the survivors see Jess and the others saying that rescuers were here. Dennis and Lok see them and immediately run away.

Jess and Luna question the survivors about the mysterious burger while taking them to a survivor shelter. Meanwhile Dennis and Lok manage to get back to homebase unseen and undetected. Dennis takes the Beef Boss costume off hiding it and the equipment in a secret place outside of homebase. When Dennis walks in with Lok, they bump into Lars who was about to go searching for Dennis. He questions Dennis who tells him that he went for a stroll with Lok and would leave as soon as he got his stuff. As Lars goes to talk to Dennis an alarm goes off.

Husks are attacking homebase with no one there to defend it. Dennis runs away making Lars think that he is mad at homebase. Dennis rushes out and gets his costume back on. He then starts battling the husks. He uses T.E.D.D.Y, Phase Shift, and the shock tower to his advantage. Ray, Lok, Pop and Lars watch in shock as Lars films the whole thing. Dennis has them on the ropes when he ends up getting cornered. Almost out of nowhere, Luna and Jess help Dennis. They ask him if he needs back up calling him the mysterious burger man to which Lok corrects them saying that He's the Beef Boss. Everyone starts cheering. Another Smasher appears, and rather than just using weapons.. Dennis has an epic battle using a giant spatula against it, finally ge smacks it upside the head defeating it and says "Get Grilled".

Everyone looks at the Beef Boss realizing it's Dennis as they get silent. Lok starts cheering saying "yay dennis!" Ray looks at Dennis and questions him if it's him. He pulls off the head and starts talking to Ray about how he wants to fix his mistakes and be more than a burger flipping kid at Homebase. Ray starts crying and hugs Dennis telling her how sorry she is and how worried about him she was. Jess goes to get angry at Dennis about stealing Outlander gear only to pat him on the back and tell him how much of a natural Outlander he is. Everyone else start apologizing about getting mad at him and tell him how much of a hero he is. Ray then jumps in and asks Dennis how he got the Idea of Beef Boss to which Dennis replies it's a long story that he and Lok will need to tell Ray. Everyone starts laughing, but then Ray starts questioning "Wait.. you and Lok? Why you and Lok?" She starts calling out to Dennis as he walks away with everyone else into homebase to the point of screaming his name as he basically ignores her.

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