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Hey everyone!


In update 7.10, we will be converting Damage Resistance perks to use a new stat called Armor. Armor is configured such that +1 armor is equivalent to +1% longer survival time under fire, making it consistently valuable per point regardless of the amount. For instance, if you have 30 armor, you will survive 30% longer under fire than you would with 0 armor. This is in contrast to the current implementation of Damage Resistance, where simply adding percentages together makes each perk more powerful than the last, skewing build diversity.


To illustrate this problem, imagine you have a DR perk that grants 50% resistance, which halves the incoming damage and makes you twice as hard to kill. If you add a second 45% perk on top it drops the incoming damage to 5%, which makes you TWENTY times harder to kill. Armor will make these times grow linearly instead, which lets us give you more defensive options to choose from without having to hedge against the effects of stacking DR from multiple sources. As an example, the Medieval melee weapons coming in 7.10 will have more access to Armor perks, including a new 6th slot perk that gives stacking armor bonuses per hit.


For comparison (damage resistance % in the current system and with +armor instead):

Current With Armor
1 Epic Perk 20% 25%
1 Legendary Perk 23% 29%
2 Epic Perks 40% 40%
2 Legendary Perks 46% 44%


In line with our investment refund policy first described in our recent State of Development blog, we’ll be making any affected heroes and schematics eligible for an evolution refund in an upcoming build with the debut of that capability (currently targeting update 7.20.) This will allow you to return the affected item to level 1 and reset all attached perks to their starting rarity, recovering all invested resources in the process.

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Melee Perks


In addition, we’ve been keeping an eye on melee balance and have decided to improve a couple perks found on melee weapons in 7.10. Heavy Attack Efficiency will be seeing a massive buff to make it competitive with hero versions of the same effect. Life Leech will receive a moderate buff as well to give you another survivability option. Also, the Medieval set will have the ability to roll new perks focused on survivability such as shield regeneration.


We hope everyone will enjoy these changes and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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