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Hi folks!


In update v5.1 we’re adding the first chapter of a new three-part narrative quest line to Canny Valley. These are all-new quests that everyone who has finished Plankerton will have access to, regardless of how far into Canny or Twine they have progressed. What I’d like to talk about today is what this means for the structure of Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.


Unlocking these two areas will now be done through a combination of your Storm Shield Defense progression and your Home Base Power Rating. When you complete a Storm Shield Defense the next Defense quest becomes available immediately, so as soon as you feel you can win the fight, you can move on to the next Defense and open up more of the mission map. Disconnecting these unlocks from the storyline allows players to unlock difficulties appropriate to their power rating, so playing events and side-missions with your friends will no longer cause the game difficulty and your power level to fall too far out of sync.


Since you can rapidly unlock the area through Storm Shields, we have implemented required Power Ratings that you must achieve in order to play a mission. They have been added to all the missions (including Mission Alerts) in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks, but have been set a few difficulties below the recommended Power Rating of the mission, so you will still be able to play content that’s a fair ways above your Power Rating after you complete the Storm Shield Defenses needed to unlock it. The goal is to prevent players from entering content that is so high-level that they have little chance of succeeding without either increasing their power, or forming an organized party.



We still want friends at different power levels to be able to play Fortnite together easily, so when you are in a party with a high-level friend you will be able to access everything that they have unlocked. We understand this sometimes leads to newer players being brought up into high-level content by their friends, and the required Power Ratings are one early step in our plans to help mitigate that pain point. In the future we plan to allow players to group up and play up-level content in Private and Friends-Only matches, and enforce the restrictions to prevent it in Public matches. Unfortunately that change goes deep into our party formation and matchmaking code, so we do not have an ETA for this work, but we’ll keep you posted.


Finally we wanted to mention that the old placeholder quest line for Canny Valley is still present, but has been converted into a series of optional side quests. This will give you a long list of goals to chase – and the extra rewards they offer – as you play through Canny Valley, regardless of if you’re following the story, participating in the latest event, or just playing daily mission alerts with your friends.


We are listening to your feedback as always, and would like to thank you again for being part of the Save the World community!





Senior Systems Designer

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