Design Chat – Canny Valley / Twine Peaks Mission Unlocking

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Hey folks,

Welcome to another Design Chat! These are a series of posts where we discuss upcoming changes to the game and explain the reasoning behind them.

In update v3.5 we responded to feedback around low-level players getting up into high-level areas. We did this by locking out Miniboss Mission Alerts on missions that you had not yet unlocked through the quest progression. Many Canny/Twine players have their power level and quest progression fall out of sync, typically resulting in a power level far higher than the missions they have access to. The Mission Alerts provided these players with an avenue to play higher-difficulty content and earn better rewards.

We believe the underlying issue here is the number of quests and missions required to unlock a new difficulty in those zones. In an effort to improve mission unlocking in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks, we are implementing the following changes to the quests in these locations in update 3.6:

  • Storm Shield Defense quests 1-10 will become side quests, and the only prerequisite for doing them will be the previous Storm Shield Defense quest.
    • These quests will still govern when new difficulties unlock.
  • 5 new quests for Canny Valley and Twine Peaks will be added to the main progression, taking the place of the old Storm Shield quests. The objective of these quests will be completing the Storm Shield Defense quests (2 to 6).
    • These new main quests will not govern difficulty unlocks.
  • The new main quests will award V-bucks, and if you have already completed the Storm Shield Defense quests you will receive the rewards for the related main quests retroactively. The rewards on the side quests will remain unchanged.
  • We aren’t changing the prerequisites for the Rocket quest that unlocks Twine Peaks at this time.

This way, when you are ready to advance to a higher difficulty you can complete the next Storm Shield Defense side quest and quickly access the difficulty you feel is appropriate in Canny Valley or Twine Peaks. You can potentially access the entire location after finishing just these few Storm Shield Defense quests. We would then limit Mission Alerts to unlocked missions again. The current main quest progression will be maintained, ensuring you have plenty of goals to chase and rewards to earn.

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Please chime in below, and let us know what you think about this change.


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