Design Chat: Crit Rating and Perk Balance

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With the addition of the Perk Recombobulator in update 4.2 (which you can read about HERE) you are going to gain the ability to upgrade your perks to grant larger bonuses, pick what perks are on your favorite weapons, and choose combinations that synergize well with each other and the weapon that they are applied to. When using Perks built around our current numbers in the new system, we quickly found that the combination of top-level Crit Chance and Crit Damage Perks significantly overpowered all other combinations, and the Recombobulator allows you to easily put those perks together. We want players to choose perks that synergize with a particular weapon or playstyle, rather than having only one correct perk choice for all weapons.


We are going to completely rebuild our Crit math in update 4.2 to address this. We are introducing a new attribute called Crit Rating which will translate into Crit Chance along a diminishing curve. This will allow a single Crit Chance Perk to feel fairly impactful, without the system breaking down when you add Crit Rating from multiple sources (weapons, heroes, defenders, etc). Crit Rating will not appear on any of your legacy weapons unless you convert the weapon over for use with the Perk Recombobulator, so if you have an old favorite with lucky Crit Perk rolls you can continue to use it. For an example of how this new system works, your first 25 points of Crit Rating will grant 25% Crit Chance, but increasing that to 50 points will only grant 37.5% (not 50% as you would expect).



This will reduce the overall power of the individual Crit Chance Perks, with a Tier 1 perk dropping from 14% to 12.5%, and a Tier 3 dropping from 28% to 21.5%. We’ve increased the base Crit Chance on all our ranged weapons by 5%, partly to offset this nerf, and partly because we found the low crit chances they had in the past were significantly reducing the value of Crit Damage relative to Crit Chance for ranged weapons.


Another perk that we looked at, after reading feedback and analysis from you all, was the Headshot Perk. In this past this perk was added to the Headshot multiplier of the gun, resulting in the perk being a bit underpowered overall, and actually performing worse on guns with very high headshot damage. We have changed this into a multiplier instead, which makes it much more competitive, and makes it strongest on guns with high headshot damage. This buff will apply to all weapons, including legacy weapons.


Thank you all for playing Save the World and sending us your feedback. I’m really looking forward to getting the Perk Recombobulator into your hands in update 4.2!



Senior Systems Designer

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