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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to have a quick chat today about some improvements to the distribution of RE-Perk and Perk-UP that are coming in update 6.21.


The first change we’re making is to extend which difficulty levels can grant Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Perk-UP, all the way to the end of Twine Peaks. This change applies to both mission rewards, and Miniboss Mission Alert rewards. We saw feedback from high-level players around the lack of Uncommon and Rare Perk-UP at the top levels of the game, and agree that players shouldn’t have to play downlevel and do trivial content just to upgrade a brand new weapon that they’ve acquired. These materials will still be most common at the difficulties where they’re found today, but on average there should be enough on the map to prevent you from having to go back to previous locations.



While looking at the Perk material economy, we also decided the income rates could be increased a bit, so we’re adding another source of Perk materials to the game. Minibosses and top-tier treasure chests will now drop a new type of cache containing a small amount of both Perk-UP and RE-Perk. Much like the Evolution Material Caches, these have a small chance to “jackpot” and give you multiple drops of RE-Perk and Perk-UP in one cache. These Perk Caches will start dropping in mid-Plankerton around the time the Perk Recombobulator is introduced, with higher-rarity Perk-UP introduced at the same difficulty as they are in the missions and Mission Alerts. To make space for this new cache type we’ve reduced the chance that Rare Schematic Caches will drop in the mid-to-late game, as these schematics were not terribly valuable to high-level players.


We hope these changes make it easier to upgrade your weapon perks, and make acquiring and upgrading new weapon schematics less of a chore. Please keep the feedback coming, and we’ll continue to improve Save the World!





Senior Systems Designer


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