DEVS, A temporary fix for low levels in high missions?

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First a quick background on me. PL 124.5 and should have been capped months ago due to horrible RNG, but that's a whole other topic. lol Everything in the game completed for over 3 months now, including all SSD's. 5,000+ missions completed with all achievements done except the 1,000 play with others. Level 266 in the collection book with 320 days logged in. This is not being stated to brag or anything like that, but only to show that I'm a true veteran founder who has spent a ton of time and money on this game and is able to speak from extensive experience.

DEVS: I understand that you are aware of the low power level issue in higher missions but do not have any quick fixes for the problem. Right now, this issue is literally destroying STW. You capped the amount of gold we can hold because it is supposed to “balance the economy”. Although I strongly disagree with that and feel it only penalizes the players who truly grind through your game every day, we have dealt with that change.

Want to know what is truly destroying the economy of this game? Low level players running around wanting to have PL 106 and 130 weapons and not truly playing through the game like the people who earned them did. Having Stonewood and Plankerton players with stacks of Shadow Shard, Obsidian, Brightcore, Sunbeam and all the other 4 and 5 star materials. This is what is truly ruining the economy and should be much more of a focus to immediately balance in the game than capping gold that people earn from truly playing.

I have had players in their level 20's being taxied into Twine 100 missions and asking me to craft them 130 weapons and then showing me they have all of the necessary 5 star mats to craft it. This should not even be possible and needs to be stopped. None of these issues existed when I was coming up through the game as an original player. There was no trade spam and scamming. There wasn't low levels being taxied into high level missions and being dropped there at a charge to completely destroy the experience of those who earned their way there. None of this was a major or consistent issue until BR launched. Those are just the pure facts, as I've been here hands on through the entire evolution of the game so far.

Although I blame the higher players who are taxing them in even more than I do the lower players for being there, they do no belong there period. I have had to leave countless missions because of this problem and had to totally carry countless more because I was already too heavily invested in the mission to leave after they were dropped off. Although I have come across some lower level players who just started playing later than others and have truly tried to help in higher missions, this is by far the minority. Most are joining to leech higher mission rewards and farm materials that they have no business even having yet. Many have even flat out admitted that they are BR players who have no interest in truly playing through STW and are just looking for free Vbucks to spend on BR or to farm higher mats and weapons for their trade and scam game that they created.

Does this mean that all BR players are leeches and have no interest in playing STW correctly? No, of course not, that would be a completely ignorant statement. I have come across players who started in BR and now play STW correctly and want to progress. I do everything I can to help them when this does happen. However, these problems did not blow up until BR launched, those are the clear facts and where the majority of the problems have come from. Yes, I have also come across quite a few non BR higher level players who leech, troll or ignore the objective but hopefully the new report system will help to weed those out.

Again, remember 5,000+ missions completed so this isn't just a few examples that I'm speaking on. Low level players completely ignoring the objective to farm higher materials and scream Storm Chest. Many even launching the SC without saying anything to the players who belong there that are working on the objective. Countless joining radar towers and not building a single piece or encampments and not even attempting to fight. Even more hover boarding through rescue the survivors missions and setting off all the survivors for them to die on their panic to find the SC. And even more than that who are joining the main defense missions and causing the true players to unfairly struggle through it and even fail unnecessarily at times. Some leave as soon as the storm chest is completed or failed as they jump from game to game while others stick around to further leech the mission rewards and farm more of the higher materials.

I truly feel for those players who are still trying to get their quest progression completed and cannot because of these issues. Had I not already completed mine before this all happened, I more than likely would have quit the game that I have spent more time and money on than any other. I've been a hardcore gamer and grinder for a very long time, so that's saying a lot. I've had more and more friends walk away from this game because they refuse to deal with this problem anymore. It's not worth the headache of having to cue and leave missions over and over until there's a reasonably leveled group to play with or having to carry the mission by burning tons of extra traps and ammo to makeup for the low levels who don't belong there.

Then there's an additional problem, low players who add higher players as a friend from the lobbies and then try to join their games without even asking. Sometimes nobody is actually taxing them in and they are just joining on their own. I have had it happen to me plenty of times. I honestly cannot even appear online anymore because of this. I have recently had to block more people because of this game than I ever have total in 9 years of Xbox Live. Between them just joining or spamming party invites and messages asking for free stuff or to be taxied, it's sadly easier to just remain offline. If they were not able to join the higher missions, the majority of this would be put to an end.

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So, now that I've clearly stated how much this issue is destroying the game, here's the best temporary fix I can suggest. You're never going to please everyone of course but here's the best attempt. You guys implemented a lock down for quest progression which actually had fixed the problem but caused you to revert back because of another uproar that was created.

Players that were much higher level than their quest progression complained that they were being locked out of higher missions that they could complete. While I feel for those players in a way, these areas should be unlocked through quest progression and not the fact that you have power leveled past where you're currently at in your quest line. This is a game based on quest progression and not just about power level. You do not complete the current game by hitting PL 125, you technically complete it by finishing through the Twine 100 missions and at least Twine SSD 6.


Before I'm down voted by players in this situation, please realize that you are making a direct choice to not progress your quests. I and many others played through these quests either several levels below or at the suggested level. We earned the right to be in these higher missions. At the time we did it, it was much harder to level up before all the updates to offer far more XP and evolution materials per mission. We only received a percent of XP back when breaking something down and did not get the evolution materials back or the training manuals. Every single survivor, hero, defender, weapon or trap change was a full new grind in itself. We also did it without being able to re-roll weapons and traps or being able to perk them up. This game use to be a much harder and slower grind than it currently is with a lot less ways to get the items we wanted than there is now. We were not massively over leveled compared to our quests and we still completed them. This is how the game was originally intended before it became kind of watered down. It should be far easier to progress your quests being way above the requirements and with a lot more at your disposal, so you are making a direct choice not to do so.

They have mentioned the CannyValley story being put out soon but did not mention anything about Twine Peaks. Who knows how long that may be, my guess is at least months if not longer. Twine Peaks is where the biggest problem currently is because that's where the highest materials, rewards and Vbucks are and it's where most low players are trying to get into. More than half of the players in Twine right now don't belong there and that's a weak estimate. So, if you want to continue to wait on your quests for who knows how long, even though it was clearly stated you can go back and replay the story if you choose, the people who have played through the quests should not continue to suffer endlessly because of it.

No, the lower players aren't your fault and this may not be the best fix long term but nothing is holding you back from accessing the higher missions that you currently want to play but your decision to hold off. Please complete the quests like many of us did and you will have access to the higher missions as well or at least understand that something needs to be done for the time being at least.

DEVS: Please consider temporarily reverting back to the quest lock down until you can come up with a better fix at some point. Please allow the players who earned their way into these missions to enjoy the game again and stabilize the completely off balanced economy. If there is a way to just place public missions on this lock down, then that would at least allow the players who are choosing not to progress their quests to still play the higher missions with friends if they want to. If this isn't possible, then someone has to bite the bullet here and it shouldn't continue to be the players who have played through the game and earned their way into these missions.

In a perfect world, I feel that you should only be able to join one quest level above where you're currently at. So if you are on your PL 76 quest line, then you can only access as high as PL 82 missions. In a case where you are at the last level of the zone (70 Canny for example) then this needs to be locked at that point behind the launching the rocket and SSD requirement quests to gain access to the next area.

Some will say, “But I need access to the next set of missions because my quests aren't always up when I'm at the final part of the area.” I feel your pain, however, you're going to have to deal with that anyhow when you hit the 100 Twine Peaks quest line and the following 100 side missions. I and many others who have now completed these did not have access to a higher area above 100 and had to wait for the required missions to become available. This is just part of the game unfortunately that we all have to deal with at some point. If Epic can make it so you can join a higher “friends only” game then great but if not, then it will be no different than what we dealt with in Twine 100 and you will too at some point.

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Some have asked for a 20 PL range requirement and things like that. This works much better in the areas before Twine but they have clearly stated that they cannot implement this easily or anytime soon. When EPIC can implement a better solution at some point then so be it. However, right now STW, the economy and the experience playing it is truly being destroyed. So, please lock down the public missions to quest progression if possible, or all missions for the time being if public only cannot be implemented. This will fix 90% of the problems right now and the other 10% can choose to easily complete their quests being over powered and be able do so while not having low levels in their missions making it harder. If you want to wait on a story line or for whatever your reason, then please do not expect the rest of us to continue to suffer because of a direct choice that you are making. At least until a better solution can be implemented at some point.

Yes, there may be some players carried through their quests quickly and be under powered for the higher missions. However, this will not be the majority, and there will be a ton less in the player pool than there currently are to weed through each time you cue for a mission right now. Would you rather have the quest lock down for now or nothing and continue with the current state of the game with no fix in sight? I say the good of the majority out weighs the minority at this point until something better can be done.

If something like 20 power levels is implemented at some point, I truly hope that the 4 player rated missions will be taken into consideration as well. A level 80 may be able to complete a 100 mission but when that becomes a 100+, I should not have to carry players 39 levels below the 119 level enemies. Their stats, weapons and traps simply aren't effective enough, at least in the majority of cases. Having 1 or maybe even 2 on a team may work with 2 PL 120+ players but this still isn't optimal for the mission and puts a far bigger strain on the higher players to carry that mission.

Sorry for the length of this but I enjoy this game and I'm tired of watching it fall apart due to this major issue. Even with all of the time and money that I put into it, I'm on the verge of walking away from it myself, just as many people already have because of this issue. No, this game is far from perfect and there are other issues that still need to be fixed but I can deal with those ones for the time being. This one is the most critical and an immediate fix needs to be put in place to save the integrity of the game. STW is heading in a better direction lately but none of that really matters if this critical problem isn't resolved.

Please feel free to discuss and offer other suggestions but please remember what they already said cannot be implemented anytime soon. Something is far better than nothing in my eyes with the way things currently are. We know this can be immediately done because it already briefly was. Hopefully it can be done for public missions only to help satisfy more players. Thank you for your time and consideration!


  1. Lock down “public missions” behind quest progression to prevent the ongoing issue with low level players in higher missions.

  2. If public missions only cannot be implemented for some reason, please revert back to all game modes being locked down behind quest progression until a better solution can be implemented at some point in the future.

  3. Higher level players choosing not to progress their quests, please at least read the entire post above before considering to down vote, due to no other fix being in sight at the moment. Thank You!

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