Difficulty, Fun, and the UAH / Enforcer Paradox

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Difficulty, Fun, and the UAH / Enforcer Paradox

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Hey mates – so, a common question these days – especially coming from people mid-plank or canny – is “how do you still have fun playing Fortnite by Twine, or after a whole year plus of playing it already?” And the answer to that varies for most people. What does not vary as much, is most people’s opinion on how difficult Fortnite is as a game. There’s a general consensus, especially amongst endgame players, that Fortnite Save the World, is by and large – very easy. I don’t disagree with that, but I’d like to call to attention some conflicts of perception and reality with that assumption.

Whenever a hero’s worth is assessed, there’s a few common metrics against which it is measured. A soldier, or even another ranged weapon based hero is commonly compared to the Urban Assault Class for damage output. Ranger is also used for this, more often with pistol based heroes. Most outlanders, or even general ability based heroes, are compared to Enforcer Grizzly, or maybe reclaimer. (Ranger if they’re pistol focused) These two classes are exceptionally specialized and powerful, and they lead the competition in both of their respective roles. So it’s understandable if not fair to compare every other hero to them, at least to gauge where something is in regards to DPS potential.

So if these two are the best at what they do, then it makes sense that they lead the hero pool with usage too. So we can assume, that the majority – or at least a large sum – of endgame players are using one of two of the best classes in the game fairly consistently. This is discussed here regularly.

Now, we have that same partition of the playerbase assessing Fortnite as a very easy game, perhaps too easy (Again, I DON’T disagree with this) while they primarily play what we’ve established as the two most powerful classes. At this point, I think it’s important to make one crucial distinction between the two though, as UAH and Enforcer do differ in a significant way. UAH is first in class for a weapon focused DPS class; which is still a very active playstyle. You’re relying on your weapons, your mechanics, and your own engagement with all in-game enemies. You may still absolutely shred everything, but you still have to do the shredding. Enforcer, is not a very active playstyle. In contrast to UAH, Enforcer is a set-and-forget minimal investment ability DPS class. You decide when you throw the TEDDY and where – and you can supplement it with your unboosted weapons, but almost the entirety of Enforcer’s skills are bolstering his TEDDY. So an Enforcer player, really doesn’t need to rely on what they do in game so much as what TEDDY does. With that in mind for the both of them though, what does it mean that playing these classes doesn’t provide players with a challenge? Is it that the game is really too easy, or is it that those classes are just too strong?

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By PL 100, you can solo just about any mission in the game. The additional levels will make it even easier, and it’s even possible at lower than 100, but by that point – you’re punching in or below your weight class anywhere but the 4 player PL100 zones. A PL 100 playing an Urban Assault class hero, with a nice AR, with all legendary perks, can not only solo any mission handily, but very rarely will they feel pressure from the chance of failure, save some mutant storm missions – group missions, the odd tank-trap-vulnerable mini boss, etc. The PL 100 Enforcer with SMS or Bladestorm support, will also rarely feel threatened, save for larger scale objective defenses, cat 4’s, group missions etc.

You have endgame players with endgame stats, using Level 50 Heroes with Level 50 weapons with ideal perks at maximum perk upgrade levels, playing the best heroes in the game, in missions that just aren’t set up for that level of loadout. This is exasperated by the fact that recently Epic decided to reduce enemy count in non-group missions, perhaps as a move to make the game more approachable as a solo player early on, like in Plankerton and early Canny. (it can be hard before you know what you’re doing and have gear) I suggest, that there’s a mismatch between the level of challenge that any mission currently provides, and the power that using this optimal style of loadout provides. So what do we do?

When people tell me they’re bored with Fortnite, or ask how I still enjoy it – my first question is what hero they play the most. And sure enough, it’s usually UAH or Enforcer. My immediate suggestion is to try someone else. Again, it’s that either the game just doesn’t provide the level of difficulty to challenge classes like that, or those classes are overpowered at the moment, and need to be brought more in line with other classes. (But everyone would complain about that and we all know it.) My second question to them is what weapons they use – and sure enough, it’s usually Siegebreaker (not super-strong, just very standard) Gravedigger, or Wraith. My second suggestion is to try new guns. This goes hand in hand with trying new heroes, since different heroes DO have different playstyles, which are complimented or can better utilize different weapons. There’s also the advent of just-for-fun heroes that seemingly came with Dire, where people realized – “Hey! This may not put out damage like UAH or Enforcer, but bloody hell is a blast to run around and jump super high / fast as this werewolf chap!”

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And again, I’m NOT suggesting anybody play at a handicap, just that we have to realize the game is easy enough that the handicap is actually the “best” classes, and the regular classes are perfectly viable, rather than bad. OR – we’re mistakenly assessing the difficulty, and the game is harder than we suggest, if the “weaker” classes aren’t actually viable.

To sum it all up; and –

here’s the TL;DR:

There’s a perception the game is too easy, or boring due to lack of challenge.

There’s a perception that you have to use the best of everything whenever you play.

Logically, either you do need to use the best, because the game is challenging – or you don’t need to use the best, because the game is not challenging.

Thanks for reading, ye who bore with me!

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