Difficulty increase rewards really need to be made better

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Difficulty increase rewards really need to be made better

Obviously there are mission difficulty increase options in most missions but its like what, 100 gold for the highest increase? Its not worth all the extra effort at all because you need to spend time trapping and building, compared to just rushing another normal mission with a metal box around the objective so people very rarely increase diff all the way.

My own suggestion would be that new rewards start showing up at high difficulties, making higher difficulties more than just "speedrun" versions of mutiple easier missions. 4p++ difficulty in twine could reward a small amount of legendary flux for example (twine specifically so people wont farm low lvl 4p++ missions but yall get my point). Combine this with other elements like multiple mini-bosses at higher difficulties and you have something amazing.

This would both make the game more challenging for people who want that, while also not punishing them for wanting it. At the same time, it wouldnt make it unfair for whoever likes the current easy missions.


And a little personal rant here too: The game is so damn easy in a full squad on non-4p-missions its boring. Traps are waste of resources in any normal mission 99% of the time so it turns into a slow mission with no action or anything because you can 100% perfect run ANY normal mission with guns alone because guns are much more than what you need to finish the mission. 0 challenge. I dont know what its like in twine, but until late canny that is how it is. I was expecting the game to play like cod zombies where it gets progressively more intense with each round (or zone in this case, twine / canny etc) but its pretty much the exact same thing for 75% of the game. Other than bigger numbers in HP and gun/ability damage, nothing changes at all.

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