Discussion on two specific bugs, would like to see others info for visibility.

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First of all, love the game, and what the developers have done, I'm nearing the end of canny and still really enjoying myself.

Now, to the crux of this post. I'd like to get feedback from others, and hopefully Epic, on a couple of specific bugs. One, we all know about, the stuttering/hitching when day/night, night/day happens, and people join. It's getting super frustrating. I know I read last week where they had potentially discovered a fix, and were looking into a solution, but it wasn't even listed under the known issues of yesterdays release notes.

Secondly, I'd like to discuss something I see a LOT in posts, but I've never heard anything from Epic. I've submitted bug reports, but it ends up with them asking me via email to submit in game, and I'm not typing on my ps4 controller to submit anything in game. This is something that is easily replicated (IMO) with a fairly small amount of testing. Let me explain… I own a PS4, and a PS4 pro. I play on both. When I play on the ps4, I have zero issues, however, when I play on the pro, it's a different story. Some days everything is okay (rarely), but usually, I get kicked from the game 1-2 times daily when I play on the pro. Recently I've actually stopped playing on the pro.


This is what occurs: This bug ONLY happens when large quantities of enemies/explosions/animations are happening on the screen. Almost ALWAYS at a storm chest, or at an end of level defense. I'll be playing, enemies and explosions everywhere, then the screen freezes for a few seconds, then I get kicked from the game, along with the generic PlayStation error: (CE-34878-0). A few notes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I have actually wiped the PlayStation, then reinstalled. I have tried it on 1080 and 4k, with the same results. I've seen multiple post about this same issue, but no word from Epic and I've finally given up and started only playing on my PS4. If anyone out there is having the same type of issue, please leave a comment.


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