DMG/HS vs CRIT/CRITD cheat sheet

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Edit: Reposted this to give better percentages close to the breakpoints so readers don't have to keep guessing exactly where between 70% and 50% they should be concerned about

Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a "cheat sheet" of sorts. Won't be explaining too much about it but its a decent reference point for people who find going into my spreadsheet and doing the full calculations too inconvenient. That said, these sheets don't offer as much depth as the spreadsheet calculator and only looks at bare-bone comparisons between a DMG & Headshot setup vs Crit & CritD setup

Before we go in, I need to establish that DMG & Headshot setup should be stronger at most headshot accuracy ranges by default. This is due to how well %headshot damage stacks with the weapon's innate %headshot perks. However, there are 2 factors that help bridge the gap between those 2 setups being

  1. Critical gets better the more you stack it
  2. Opportunity cost of stacking %DMG (thus making it worse)

Since most weapons have some form of % conditional damage, we can safely assume a baseline 45% damage for our calculations in both setups. We also need to include a 20% damage for elemental (I could assume 44% but that would be a little high and be a biased towards crit). As such, the setups would look something like

  • DMG & Headshot : 95% Damage 40% Headshot Damage
  • Critical Rating & Critical Damage : 65% Damage 30% Critical Rating 135% Critical Damage

Last but not least, here's what the titles in the table mean

  • Base Stats : everything under this refers to the possible combinations of base crit/crit chance/hs multi a weapon can have
  • Damage Values : these show you the projected damage of each setup and how much higher the greater value is compared to the lower
  • Example Weapons : some weapons that sport the base stats on the left. A '-' means no such weapon exists
  • Green Highlight : the column that is highlighted = the setup that has higher damage

How to use the tables

Just to make sure you guys know how to make use of this post, you need to

  1. Decide what kind of hero you are using and navigate to the appropriate section
  2. Decide how accurate you are with your weapon and navigate to that % headshot accuracy
  3. Within the cheat sheet, locate the row with the base stats your weapon has
  4. Check where the green highlight falls and that's the setup which gives more damage

Non-Combat Heroes

Non combat heroes are basically heroes that don't buff weapons in any way. Examples would be like MEGABase, PowerBase, Pathfinder etc. Basically, point is they don't stack more %damage or anything so there aren't any additional opportunity costs involved on top of what we already have. In this instance, the 2 setups look exactly the same as above-mentioned but just to recap

  • DMG & Headshot : 95% Damage 40% Headshot Damage
  • Critical Rating & Critical Damage : 65% Damage 30% Critical Rating 135% Critical Damage

At 70% headshot accuracy (players who actively try to land headshots)

You should opt for DMG & Headshot setup unless you are running

  • Explosive weapons
  • Thunderbolt
  • The Bear
  • Terminator

Even though there are quite a number of other combinations highlighted green, you will notice that there aren't actually any weapons in game that sport those

At 57% headshot accuracy (players who have good aim but aren't trying)

The Siegebreaker and other weapons running similar stats shift towards the Crit Rating & Crit Damage setup Essentially, the only weapons that remains better with headshot/damage setups are weapons with

  • >75% headshot multipler & 10%/75% OR 15%/50% crit ratios

That said, there's an exception being the Silenced Spectre and Whisper .45 which despite having over 100% headshot multiplier, should still be built for crit since they have "perfect" base crit values


At 40% headshot accracy (players who don't care enough about the head)

Really, just go with the Crit Rating & Critical Damage setup at this point. The only instance where the headshot setup wins is if you use the Zapotron or any similar stat weapon (which is super rare)

Combat Heroes

Basically Soldiers and specialized characters built for making guns great. Since we already established in our earlier section that 57% accuracy and below pretty much solidifies the crit setup, will instead explore the lowest % headshot accuracy at which the critical setup takes over. The cut-off point shall be when the Siegebreaker, weapon with very mediocre stats of 10%/50%/50% benefits more from crit

Generic Soldiers (Basically add 10% damage to both setups)

Our threshold went up from 57% to 59% thanks to this 10% damage that benefits crit setups more. Basically for any headshot accuracy below 60%, almost all the Assault Rifles are better ran with Crit Rating & Crit Damage. In fact, if you are looking to run something like the Hunter-Killer, this goes a bit higher to 63%

Special Forces/ Survivalist/ Rescue Trooper (Add 34% damage to both setups)

At 64% headshot accuracy or lower, your weapons including the Siegebreaker are better ran with a Crit Rating & Crit Damage setup. There isn't really much more to say about this since if you are running these Soldiers, you are primarily looking for Assault Rifles and at this point, they're all meant to be built for crit with the exception of Deathstalker and some other 100% headshot multiplier ones

Ranger (He's kinda special and we add 24% damage, 18% crit, 70% crit dmg to both sides)

This is the breakpoint for quite a lot of Pistols like the Bald Eagle meaning if you have lower accuracy than this, you should build for crit. The only pistols not caught up by crit yet are the ones with 150% headshot multiplier like the Duelist but we all know you should run a the headshot+damage perks at that point


The tables pretty much speaks for themself so I'm going to give some alternate advice to deciding between which setup to go for each of the weapon types

  • Assault Rifles : Damage & headshot is generally better unless you don't like making the effort to go for the head or your weapon is the Silenced Specter
  • Shotguns : Strictly crit because Raider has innate crit perks and it isn't easy landing headshots with these
  • Pistols : Strictly damage & headshot unless you play Ranger and your headshot accuracy is under 68%
  • Snipers : Strictly damage & headshot because well… you aim for the head with snipers right
  • Launchers : Strictly damage OR crit since headshot perk is useless and damage is great because it is consistent

It is also worth mentioning that Fire Rate is something a lot of people opt for in one of their perks. It is usually one of the single highest boost to DPS especially when ran in conjunction with % headshot damage (so basically drop the regular %damage). However, I don't personally like it because you are essentially making up for lost damage by shooting more bullets

Last but not least, in writing this post, I am not trying to tell everyone what perks to run. It's simply here for the people who want the advice, those that are stuck on the fence and can't choose which alternative to go for. That said, these calculations are pretty rudimentary and doesn't reflect a weapon completely so I would recommend any serious min-maxers to drop by my spreadsheet instead and use the calculator there. I have a post to guide you along if you choose to use the calculator

TL;DR DMG&HS is generally better at over 60% headshot accuracy with some exceptions to Silenced Specter and the likes. Snipers should always go for DMG&HS while Shotguns should always go for CRIT

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