Do not give in to unpleasant design

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Please read the full post, as it extends to some real life issues as well.

Opinion piece on fundamental issues with suggestions on this subreddit.

Unpleasant design, or more prominently known in the real world as "Hostile architecture" is a way to spend resources designing a system to, instead of tackling the problem, circumvent it. A textbook example of that would be spikes in places where homeless people stay, rather than to deal with the issue of homelessness. The issue still exists; however, people will see those unfortunate people less and forget about the issue.

In this post I will tackle a suggestion which has been circulating in this subreddit for the past weeks – B.A.S.E. resource locking to the constructor. I am going to go ahead and say it – there is nothing wrong with the current system. There are plenty of suggestions like this one, where they beg Epic games to dedicate their development resources to implement something that, in the end, doesn't really do much for the game.

The real issue lies within griefers. Is the problem really with Recycler perk or is it with the people who abuse it? I would not be angry when someone goes across the entire defense to kill a miniboss and drive-by takes the resources from the B.A.S.E. If you think that that is unreasonable, you should start questioning your morals. This is a team-based game after all. I would be angry, however, with players, who all they do the entire mission is hold E when their mouse is over the B.A.S.E, as they contribute even less than the most notorious of griefers – the AFK.


Now, for the sake of argument, let’s say this feature of resource locking gets implemented. I can almost guarantee you, that there will be constructors that will never build and farm resources for their storm shields that way. Would have this fix anything? No. Griefers are not dumb, they can improvise, adapt and overcome.

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Why is there no real reporting system, with actual punishments to disincentivize all forms of griefing? Players are starting to accept the fact that there will be griefers in missions they queue to and that there is nothing that they can do. Why does it have to stay like this? Without griefers most, if not all, of the game problems will no longer exist. We, as players, need to pressure Epic to tackle the heart of evil and make them if not put this on the top of priority list, at least give us something more than “we are working on it” sentence statement.

In conclusion, we need to stop making suggestions which implement unpleasant design. Instead, we should focus on tackling the core issues within the game.

If you wish to learn more about unpleasant design, there is a very good video by Extra Credits:

No, this is not a plug, this video is just very good to understand this topic better.

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