Don’t AFK a mist pod Wargames!

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Don’t AFK a mist pod Wargames!

Seriously. What are people thinking? I joined another player’s Wargames and it was mist pod. Okay no problem. Except that I was the only one getting time cheats and killing the mist pods. The other three players were AFK. I messaged that I wasn’t going to do this alone. Two players came to life. One danced around me and didn’t do anything else. Another one, storm shield owner, moved a bit but didn’t even bother to destroy the mist pod that spawned next to him. I got it. He ran off a few tiles and didnt move again. The trap tunnels were killing all the husks. Really, the only thing players needed to do was destroy mist pods. But they wouldn’t.

Wave two came. We all went to that amp. I was hopeful they were going to actually play. I destroyed the first mist pod. Then the second. No more. I was going to leave since they were AFK again, but wanted to see what they would do if I didn’t get the next mist pod. The third mist pod spawned and I messaged that someone needs to destroy it. Not one player moved so I decided it wasn’t important to them to destroy it since they obviously weren’t concerned enough to move or even try. I’m very willing to help, but not do it all by myself.

Mini boss hatched and started wrecking havoc. One AFKer left the mission then. Two were still AFK together in a trap tunnel. The mini boss got them both and they started messaging for help. I couldn’t get there because of the spawned mini boss and husks.

They started messaging “report him”. Report me, really? I was the only one doing the mission. There was no need for them to be inside trap tunnels fighting husks and/or hiding. You can’t AFK a Wargames like this one!

I managed to get close enough to use my adrenaline rush to revive both of them and they didn’t move and went down again. Clearly AFK still.


I ended up winning the mission by staying away from the mini boss and being the only player alive. I Messaged that this was not a mission they can AFK in. I was going to just leave and fail the mission, but since they were messaging to report me, I wanted to win to prove a point. I was the only reason the mission succeeded. I know they probably won’t comprehend that since they obviously leech and AFK, but I guess I hold out hope that someday, sometime, the leechers will learn.

By final score, I look bad because I didn’t shoot husks unnecessarily, as the other players did. I did, however, kill mist pods and get time cheats, but that doesn’t show in the stats. In hindsight, I should have left during the first wave.

Never again will I carry leechers like these players. They did have higher combat scores than I had because they were shooting in trap tunnels. The tunnels were taking care of all the husks anyway. I Should have just left them. They didn’t do anything helpful to the mission anyway.

Just wanted to get that out. They were the worst Wargames players I’ve experienced. They didn’t do the mission at all, and reported me. But when I finally was able to revive them, they still didn’t move.

I realize Epic probably won’t take action based on their two reports, and the messages are there should Epic care to read them, and I would hope that Epic would be able to tell by data who destroyed all the mist pods and who was AFK.

Oh well. Next time I won’t give the benefit of the doubt. I’ll just leave and let them fail since that seems to be their intention anyway. I prefer to take the high road and be nice, but I guess players in this game take advantage of the nice players. It’s my fault for staying in the mission with them, but I won’t do that again.

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