Don’t come back yet.

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I actually got excited for fortnite today; 5.21 was out, I got the new machinist, mission rewards were said to be patched and working again, and there is TWO 4 player missions for rare and epic perk up in canny valley?! It’s like the planets had aligned; and for the first time in a couple weeks, I had great reason and motivation to play fortnite again!

So I hopped in that 4-man PL70 evacuate the shelter for rare and epic perk up, ran it oh so smoothly, no damage to the shelter by the end (not even lag or hitching in this one – lucky!) And got ready to repeat it, or the lower one. But, like some episode of the twilight zone where the audience knows what’s wrong but that characters don’t, something felt weird after the mission completed and we hung in the lobby for a second. I told myself it was nothing, since there was an official post on here that mission rewards not being awarded has been fixed, this was a new patch.


I was wrong.

The mission completed, and upon loading back into the front end menu, all that awaited me was a package for “killer storms”… with 100 gold.

If you’ve been on break from fortnite like I have, don’t come back yet. There’s no reason. You still get nothing but a sense of loss.jpg for playing, (to be fair this is from some missions and not others) no rewards, no fixes for what can only be described as a game breaking bug, no recompense for all the lost time, materials, effort and mission rewards that have disappeared into the ether, and the new patch is more of an snub to the players than a development to save the world.

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