Don’t feel bad for playing a hero that you enjoy

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As has been pointed out before, the meta exists for a reason – and some people take great pride in playing the strongest heroes in the most efficient ways. This is the ideal way to have fun for some players, and its valid.

Some players prefer to use certain play styles that sacrifice raw damage for utility, and as that is their idea of fun, it too is valid.

There is a very small percentage of content in this game in which meta heroes are necessary, especially when doing a PL 100 4-man in a public lobby. You want to bring the most you can to a team when you know the mission will be a challenge. But at the end of the day, this is a game and we play it to have fun – in the way that is fun to us. In the vast majority of content in this game, map awareness and effort will pull you ahead no matter what hero you are playing as.

Do you like to play Blitzen Base Kyle because you like the idea of a healing Constructor? Great, embrace your inner Santa Claus.

Do you like to play Assassin because you find melee to be fun? Nice, melee can be very fun.

Do you like to play Vanguard because you've always wanted to play a hero that looks like a NASCAR driver? Awesome.

Do you like to play Love Ranger Jonesy because he looks cool and you really like pink pants? Cool, keep playing him.


Whatever your choice is, do your research. Know your hero's strengths and play to them. Put in the effort. Contribute. Support your team. Use good weapons. Trap and build smart.

If you see someone playing a hero you don't like, consider why they might be doing that. They might not have the hero you want them to use, they might be a f2p player who's hero pool is limited. They might just love a certain play style. But give people a chance, they will often surprise you.

For context, I'm PL 95 and I've always been someone who values playstyle over raw power, and I've experimented with a lot of "weak" heroes, but always give 110%. Rarely do I get hate for it, but it happens. But I've noticed in this sub recently a gravitation toward shaming classes and telling new players their picks aren't viable (which is kind of silly to be honest), and I can only reflect on the fact that I've completed almost 1,400 missions in this game and I have failed 2.

My advice to anyone getting into this game or trying to decide who to play is – play what you find to be fun for you. Just make sure you're playing that hero well.

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