Don’t you think the constructor class needs a little buff?

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So I was thinking what makes heroes unique?

Soldier: master of ranged weapons and grenades, only class that can use grenades. It's an all round class that can tank deal damage and have fun with guns. It's like the classic and easy class to use. Damage perks on guns especially ARs

Ninja: master of melee. Double jump and AoE skills (dragonslash, smoke bomb and sometimes shurikens as well if you have the right perks). Can deal a lot of damage and clear waves quickly. It's only class that specializes in melee weapons.

Outlander: the master of farming. It's only class that can get the bonus of double loot and it's the only class that can collect fragments and use them.

Constructor: nothing. Except base. And a squishy fast build perk and cheaper yeah but everyone can have that with a squad support bonus. Yes other classes can have double loot or ARs or quick reload bonuses from heroes supports and tactical bonus but no one can have fragments, grenades, double jump etc.


Everyone can build just as good as a constructor. I mean a ninja can even build better then all the constructor has to do is put down base? Wow. I think the constructor need a little tiny buff that makes him more unique from the building point of view. I don't know something that makes the constructor valuable from building. Like a constructor's wall can have more health? Or he can unlock a 4th tier of wall upgrade that no one else can.

For now constructor can be replaced by just anyone. No one needs that base and everyone can build. Just join with ninjas and don't let husks walk past your sword. Get outlander and make a bear barrage. Get a soldier and shoot everyone down and apply debilitating shots to bosses and mist monsters so they are easier to take down and everything is better than the constructor.

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