Dragon vs Skirmisher.

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Skirmisher and Dragon are often compared with most saying that Skirmisher is a worse Dragon. This is both true and false; Dragon is better that Skirmisher most of the time but there are times when that is reversed. I will say now that I do play Dragon more but I have been warming up to Skirmisher and found it to be just as effective in certain spots.


I won’t be talking about Throwing Stars here (haha still broken) so will mostly be comparing Dragon Slash. Both heroes have Wings Of The Dragon (3 tile slash) and Return of the Dragon (35 energy cost) so even at that, they are head and shoulders above other Ninjas (no other hero has Wings Of The Dragon).

Dragon is the most favoured simply for defence and ease of use as they get Shroud of the Dragon (Shadowstance after slash) and Breath of the Dragon (50% extra damage and area increase). The defence is ok but since most things are dead, you should not worry too much about it. Breath of the Dragon is what really makes Dragon amazing as it provides a good chunk of damage and has incredible reach.

Skirmisher on the other hand only has a single other skill focused on Dragon slash. Tail of the Dragon leaves an energy trail behind slowing enemies by 30% and dealing 10.5% damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. Any husk that was hit by the initial slash will now take up to 63% extra damage. Note that the energy field does not have a great visual effect so it might appear invisible; this is only visual and the field is there.



Now with all that out of the way, how do the two heroes compare? Straight out of the gate, Skirmisher lacks the area of Dragon so that is a huge downside but they do gain a bit of damage. The question is, how much damage and is it worth it? Assuming a base Dragon Slash deals 100 damage, Dragon will deal 150 Damage while Skirmisher can deal anywhere from 100 to 163 damage. This is at max a 8.7% damage increase which is not great considering the downsides.

Why am I writing this when the damage increase is so low? It is the fact that the field left by Skirmisher deals energy damage while a normal Dragon Slash is purely physical damage. Against an elemental husk, Dragon will now deal 75 damage while Skirmisher deals anywhere from 50 to 92 damage. This changes the max damage increase from 8.7% to 22.7%. This is a decent jump and if you look at the damage dealt to an elemental Husky Husk by Skrimisher
, it is easy enough to see.


Now who should you use? Still best to take Dragon. It has ease of use and solid defence which makes it so that even a sub-par player can use it without worry. Skirmisher has a higher top end but requires more effect on the player and if you mess up, you die. One clears fodder and is easy to pick up while the other can take on tankier enemies but requires work. I like both and see them as more or less equal, just that each specialises in different things at different levels.

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