Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

Based on an idea I already had and this post from
DanulYT - Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

u/DanulYT I have a suggestion for a mode that would introduce basics on tunnel building for beginners, provide another area that works like SSDs with permanent progression and integrate Fortnite StW with Fortnite Creative mode: The Durr Burger Defense

The basic concept of the mode is that you have to protect the Durrr Burger from husk attacks, but you don't build tunnels, you have presets depending on the buildings surrounding it. I imagine this as a mode in early-mid Stonewood that would serve as a tutorial with the intention of showing good building strategies for beginners.

Each possible building has it's own preset that evolves as you spend resources upgrading it and you choose where to place each building around the block. I tried to create something of a concept in creative mode, you can see it on the image linked above, the green space on the floors would be the possible slots for the buildings and the tunnels would be built on the street in front of each building.

Starter tunnels:
jOCBeV3 - Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

gZItnvZ - Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

By spending resources to upgrade your buildings new, stronger, tunnels would be built. Aside from the basic structure each tunnel would have slots for traps which you have to select and apply in a menu similar to giving guns and ammo to defenders. As this is also intended as a tutorial presets would have a "recommended" trap for some slots but you would have the freedom to choose any trap you have.

With a variety of different buildings (like Joel's Cafe, simple houses, parks, gas stations, Pizza Pete for some rivalry), each player would have access to a variety of different tunnels, and maybe even pairing certain buildings on the same street could create special combo tunnels for even better protection.


The Durr Burger itself can also be upgraded, and it creates a better last protective barrier around it, which would include better materials more layers and traps.

Durrr Burger Walls:
bIQxqc1 - Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

VZFwGJV - Durrr Burger Defense Mode (Trap Tunnel Tutorial + SSD like + Creative)

Husks would spawn from one side of the street and march towards the Durr Burger. In my creative mode concept I chose to do a 3 tiles size street. I'm really not sure what the perfect size would be, but I feel like 3 tiles could provide a balance between having a good protection but also providing a challenge. Speaking of challenge, I think this could have a mode like wargames, challenge modifiers that would remove the barrier from the Durr Burger, multiple spawns at the same time, I'm sure it could be made harder even if the tunnels are pre-made.

But hey, where does Creative Mode tie in with this? Well, here is the thing: you would be able to change the default buildings (and even the Durrr Burger itself) and create your own take on it in Creative mode! when choosing an island you would have the possibility of loading a new area dedicated to building new stuff you could use on this STW mode, this way when your friends or other players enter your defense they can see all your creations too.

I think this would make a great addition to the game, many players talk about how sometimes even late game players can't grasp building very well, by learning with examples they could perform better in missions and this would allow players that want more expression in STW to use all the Creative mode tools for new and interesting landscapes, Epic could even feature player made buildings in future updates to this mode, or a special slot just for a community showcase. If you reached this far, thanks for reading everything 🙂 I would love to hear what you think could be improved or added to this idea.

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