Dusk is better than most ninjas. Here’s why.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Dusk is better than most ninjas. Here's why.

Have you heard of people saying things like "Ninjas are the best with swords!" "Ninja's primary items are swords" but let me tell you, The Outlander "DUSK" does better job than most of them. Here's why.

Since I got her I have always loved dusk. Especially her Outlander perk ( Phase siphon ) and so I started testing different things on her. She is a bad "Outlander" in terms of collecting Materials and all BUT not as an offensive hero. You see, She heals an amount of HP if she phased through enemies which gives her great sustainability. and the amount of HP increases based on the amount of enemies present. If you phased through a group of 9 Husks that's enough to heal yourself completely.

So I took her to a destroy the encampment mission and tested something on her. I equipped a blue-roll Stab-worth the III with ( 2 ATK speed – Life leech – Energy element – DMG to mist monsters ) and to be honest, She can wipe out an entire wave 6+ camp without dying better than most ninjas. She isn't only good in these type of missions. You probably heard of the saying that said "Stay away from husk spawns in canny P64+" but dusk can YEET that away. DMG to mist monsters is important to wipe out takers and blasters before they deal enough damage to overtake you. A blazing musamune with the above perks is a better sword on her but sadly I don't have it.

I have tested her with Brawler on support and alchemist in tactical and let me say, She is invincible. If she gets low enough she can just heal everything back using her phase shift AND also heal from melee attacks with alchemist and life leech from the sword.

But why take her instead of deadly blade as a sword ninja? Well, She does not deal the DMG that deadly blade does BUT Because she can heal herself better than most ninjas she is a well-rounded (Outlander Ninja-type) class. She has anti-material charge which is always helpful to knock enemies away and also break objects. Shock tower is helpful in situations where you need to stun a large group of enemies to buy some time to heal yourself with phase shift OR if multiple blasters are shooting at you

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One thing that you should also take note of, Her shield is practically useless so pay attention to that. In fights you will always have 0 Shield so with proper dashes and all she can always manage her HP greatly. Another thing, Time your dashes perfectly because if you run out of dashes and dash poorly that results in your death. LAST NOTE, Blasters are your enemies so always take them out first.

What do you think?

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