[Education] Ranged Perk Choices, Headshot Influence on Performance (with visual aid)

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The following write up is intended to provide a better idea of how perk choices influence your potential performance, and is primarily tailored in the context of ranged weapons. <
Graph Version of the DPS values


Combo Headshot % Reload Mag Empty Mag Size Fire Rate DPS Avg Dmg/Hit Crit % Crit Dmg Bonus Attack: Headshot Attack: Bodyshot
Alpha 0% 1.886 2.934 50 17.040 494.068 47.628 10 22.680 95.256 45.360
Alpha 100% 1.886 2.934 50 17.040 1011.663 97.524 10 22.680 95.256 45.360
Bravo 0% 3.300 4.167 50 12.000 673.110 100.518 38 145.152 68.040 45.360
Bravo 100% 3.300 4.167 50 12.000 824.985 123.198 38 145.152 68.040 45.360
Charlie 0% 3.300 4.167 50 12.000 470.813 70.308 10 33.480 100.440 66.960
Charlie 100% 3.300 4.167 50 12.000 695.009 103.788 10 33.480 100.440 66.960


I need to point out that that 'cross-over' point on the Bobcat under these conditions between Bravo and Alpha is at 48% and 49% respectively.

  • 48% headshots or less, Bravo provides better DPS
  • 49% headshots or more, Alpha provides more DPS


I haven't listed the cross-over points for Charlie and the others (primarily because I'm too lazy to figure that out) but if you just look at the graph you should be able to tell that going the Charlie perk combination just isn't worth the effort, as far as DPS output is concerned. 0% headshots on Bravo nearly puts out more DPS than 100% headshots on Charlie, and if you could really get that high a headshot % it would be irrational not to just use an Alpha build.



The 100% headshot cases for each respective combination provide 'x%' more DPS than their 0% headshot performance

  • Alpha: 104.76%
  • Bravo: 22.56%
  • Charlie: 47.62%


The differences between Alpha and Bravo are

  • 0% headshots, Bravo > Alpha by 36.24% DPS
  • 100% headshots, Alpha > Bravo by 22.63% DPS


As stated earlier, the cross-over point is 48/49% headshots.

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If you've been looking at the numbers for the different shot types you'll probably have noticed that Charlie perk combinations have stronger bodyshots, headshots and average dmg/hit than Alpha, and yet it still does less dps at 0% headshots. That's fundamentally because of the fire-rate on the weapon (which is the same reason why Urban Assault gets such theoretical high dps values). Even though the attacks are weaker, the sheer number of attacks in such a short space of time ends up being overwhelming, so the dps value goes up. It's the same concept as throwing money at a problem, it doesn't matter how inefficient you are if you're willing to keep throwing resources at something to offset those inefficiencies. It's great if you have infinite resources at your disposal, not so much if you need to work within the constraints of a budget.

If you're not aware of how distance from target impacts ranged damage output, make sure you read this. The Bobcat itself starts to get damage drop off beyond 1.5 tile distance to target. Not only do you need to consider whether you can headshot a target or not, but you need to consider how close (or far) away you are from a target.

  • If a Smasher breaks through your lines, are you going to keep firing bullets into its back or are you going to rotate around to be able to get a headshot?
  • If a Smasher is hard-up against and beating on your walls, can you actually get the angle you need and how far away will you be?


Assuming you're actually landing 100% of your attacks, your performance is always going to fall somewhere within the range defined from 0% to 100% headshots. A headshot build might provide the highest dps possible, but that's only if you get the required headshots (whilst firing at the maximum fire rate). Just because you could do something doesn't mean you will, sometimes you just can't be bothered and will put in minimum effort. Perk materials are not exactly the cheapest or easiest things in the world to obtain (investment of countless hours of time played to gather) and changing your mind about a particular perk slot is terribly expensive. Very few people will intentionally set out to configure their weapon to a bad set of perks, but what ends up being the best perk combination for you depends on

  • the purpose of the weapon
  • the hero loadouts you play
  • how much effort you're willing to put in when using the weapon
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Personally, even if I could hit 100% headshots within 1.5 tile range of a target (which, really isn't that hard) I wouldn't pick a headshot build with the Bobcat. I'm willing to give up the extra 'potential' damage and take a crit build instead, to ensure that my bottom line (0% headshots) is still performing at a very respectable level of output even if I can't be bothered to put in all that much effort.

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