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The following write up takes a look at the 'Rat King' Assault Rifle.


The special characteristics of the weapon mean there is no good way to do a write-up in comparison with other weapons

  • It has a 2,5,8 tile damage drop-off profile (100%, 70%, 20%)
  • It uses 'Slugs & Shells' like the Hydra and Hammercrush (but those weapons have a different damage drop profile)
  • It has the lowest weapon life-span out of all Assault Rifles in the game (due to the durability cost per shot).
  • Each 'shot' is a 5 pellet cross-section in the shape of " + "


Certain Soldiers can apply x5 stacks of debilitating shots. This weapon fundamentally lets them apply all 5 stacks of debil shots on the first shot. The fact that the final perk on the weapon is fixed to the 30% snare/slow for 6 second perk more or less makes this weapon the ultimate support weapon

  • Target will be snare/slowed for 6 seconds
  • Maxed debil shots after 1 attack, increasing damage from all sources for 15 seconds

The following assumptions will be made for this write-up (in determining perks)

  • 100% accuracy (no missed pellets)
  • Conditional status requirements are satisfied if required
  • 0% and 100% headshots only
  • Generic Hero Loadout, Soldier with 10% ranged damage (no Support dmg bonuses, like a Centurion)
  • Objective of: Avg Dmg/Shot
  • Element: Energy vs Elemental

Best Perk Combinations

LoadoutHeadshot %Perks
Generic or Soldier(1x) 45% Dmg to Conditional, (1x) 30 Crit Rating, (1x) 135% Crit Dmg, Reload/Mag doesn't influence damage
Generic or Soldier100(1x) 45% Dmg to Conditional, (1x) 40% Headshot, (1x) 30% Dmg, Reload/Mag doesn't influence damage


Weapon Base Stats For Reference Only

Weapon NameDamageHeadshot %Crit %Crit DmgFire RateMagazineDuraReload
Rat King12250%10502100.273


Just looking at the base damage value of the weapon (especially in comparison with other Slug-AR's) should make it very clear that this weapon is going to be massively over-kill against non-tanky type husks. As the damage drop profiles are different it wouldn't be fair to do a direct comparison (slug-AR vs slug-AR) and the low fire-rate and long reload speed times will 'kill' it as far as dps is concerned.


For any hero that isn't a Soldier the weapon is insanely expensive to operate and not really that worth while. Even if you were using a Soldier you could probably (with fire rate perks, or other attack speed increasing skills) manage to apply 5 stacks of debil shots faster than you could with the Rat King.


If you are happy to ignore the operating costs of the weapon and are using a Soldier that could stack x5 debil shot debuffs then it becomes a quality of life question

  • 1 shot, 5 stacks is insanely appealing
  • The 'spread' on the weapon (whether ads or hip-fire whilst moving) is insanely minimal, all things considered
  • 10 shots (magazine) x5 pellets per shot is effectively 50 shots for a fraction of the effort


Sometimes you might just not 'feel like' putting in maximum effort to get the most out of your hero/weapon. You might be stuck doing something mind numbing like grinding out 'beta' RTD missions which more or less saps your will to do anything in the game. If you ever play a Soldier but can't really be bothered at times then the Rat King is an great weapon for you. The ability to max out x5 stacks of debil shots with just a single point and click (even half-heartedly) is amazing as far as providing buffs for your team is concerned.


In real-life, there are plenty of 'items/tools' that exist for no other reason than to allow people to be lazier. The Rat King is essentially Fortnite's attempt to cash-in on this trend (and that's not a bad thing).

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